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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


(Men's Health) 

  • Any weather small talk that lasts longer than 4 seconds (unless it involves a car floating away). If you have nothing to talk about other than the weather, face it, you have noting to talk about. 
  • Two years. No raise. 
  • The person running the meeting asks, "Could someone get the lights?" 
  • You hit triple digits on the cable box, decide to cycle through once more and realize that "What Women Want" is still the best option. 
  • You spend more than an hour and a half a day in the gym. What's the point of building all those muscles if you don't get out once in a while and use them? 
  • You've been introduced to someone three times, and he still doesn't remember your name. 
  • She says it's enough to have seen the Eiffel Tower in Vegas. 
  • You watch any movie featuring a mischievous kid who advises adults. 
  • You look at your watch during any activity. Either find something you really want to do or stop wearing a watch. 
  • You give your honest feedback to someone who says, "I want your honest feedback." 
  • You read any e-mail with the subject line "This is not a hoax." 

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