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Monday, June 19, 2017


  • Oregon has become the first state to allow you to choose X for sex on your driver's license, rather than choosing between M and Y. 
  • Elizabeth Banks criticized Steven Spielberg for not having directed movies with a female lead, forgetting about "The Color Purple." She has since apologized. 
  • According to a new study, happy people average 7.1 hours of sleep a night. 
  • U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has lawyer'd up. 
  • After six years of being on "The Talk," Aisha Tyler says she's done. 
  • Chris Christie is now the most unpopular governor in any state in the past 20 years. 
  • Macklemore has parted ways with Ryan Lewis and has his first solo song out. 
  • Shania Twain has a new song out, her first in five years. A new album on the way in September. 
  • A Belgian movie theater is being criticized for handing out goodie bags at a showing of Wonder Woman that contained a scourer, bathroom wiper, dish sponge and a pamphlet for slimming pills. 
  • Microsoft claims its Artificial Intelligence is a whiz at playing "Ms. Pac-Man." 
  • Avon CEO Sheri McCoy is reportedly stepping down. 
  • Dodger outfielder Yasiel Puig was suspended for a game for flipping off a fan. 
  • A report says 146,000 video cameras are monitoring the streets of Moscow. 
  • I'm sure you heard that Phil Mickelson withdrew from the U.S. Open to attend his daughter's high school graduation, where she was a speaker. 
  • 30-year-old Corey Sligh, who appeared on The Young and the Restless was indicted last week by a federal grand jury for allegedly abusing a girl younger than 10 years old. 
  • Amazon is buying Whole Foods for $13.77 billion. At any other store, it probably would have only been around $5 billion. 
  • Tom Arnold says an Australian television network defrauded him into blocking off his summer work schedule for a comedy tour that never happened. The comedian agreed to appear on "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" and go on tour afterward in exchange for a guaranteed payment of $425,000. Instead he was the victim of a bait-and-switch scheme.

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