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Thursday, June 22, 2017


Summer's Here So Time for Pizza Flavored Ice Cream

Little Baby's Ice Cream in Philadelphia is known for their oddly-flavored ice cream - and rather bizarre ads - but they may have outdone themselves this year. They're now serving Pizza flavored ice cream which many say tastes just like the real thing! So what makes it pizza-y? Tomato, basil, oregano, salt and garlic. Still for some, that's still just not pizza-y enough so they've taken upon themselves to plop a scoop on top of a hot slice of pizza. (USA Today) PHONER: What's the strangest flavor of ice cream you've ever tried?

I'm Only 9 But My Mind is Old

About a year ago, Brett and Michele Rezewski taught their son Conner how to call 911 in case of an emergency. Smart move - his mom is alive today because the 9-year-old boy did just that. About a week ago, Michele -- who is 34 and 8 weeks pregnant with their 4th child -- had a medical emergency while Brett was at work. Conner quickly stepped up and calmly called 911 -- and then called his dad. Brett said his son maintained his composure while he was on the phone with the 911 dispatchers. He then called his father and said, "Dad, I had to call 911. Mommy's not OK. You need to leave work immediately." One of their friends saw the ambulance and followed it to the house to help with Conner and his 2 younger brothers. Calling 911 saved Michele's life as doctors say another 15 to 20 minute delay and she would have been dead. Michele was diagnosed with Moyamoya disease, which is caused by blocked arteries at the base of the brain. She's had one surgery and will need another one at some point. She's okay for now but remains in the neuro-critical unit at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. As for his son, Conner, Bret says, "He's my hero. He's totally my hero." (KOIN News)

I'm Drunk - So You Get Sued!

Meanwhile in New York City, 54-year-old Yaugeni Kralkin decided to drink an entire bottle of cognac and then go for a walk. That didn't go well and he was found unconscious in the street with severe injuries. He came to when an ambulance and EMTs arrived. With a dangerous blood alcohol level of .34 they immediately started to transport him to a hospital. At some point Kralkin managed to jump out of the moving ambulance and injure himself further. So now he's suing New York, saying the city didn't do enough to keep him from jumping. A paramedic spokesperson says medics don't have the right to restrain people against their will. Kralkin is suing the city, the fire department, and responding medics for unspecified damages. (New York Times)

Now That's a Man

Want to talk about a strong leader - when Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera was being interviewed on television by reporters, a wasp literally flew into his mouth and Rivera just swallowed it like it was nothing. Instead of gagging, the president started laughing almost joyfully and proudly declared, "I ate it. I ate, I ate the wasp," before taking a swig of water. "Pure protein!" A woman standing behind the President looked far more horrified. The video is quickly going viral and "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon even featured the clip during his opening monologue. (World News)

The World As I See It

A new book about the biblical figure of Noah is raising an eyebrow or two. Noah: Man of Resolve is the second book in a promised trilogy by Tim Chaffey and K. Marie Adams, and it's available for sale from creationist group Answers in Genesis, which runs the Noah's Ark attraction in Kentucky. In the book, Noah faces off against a giant and a dinosaur in a gladiator-like setting - events which have no biblical references whatsoever. Nevertheless, Answers in Genesis have claimed that Noah not only survived a global flood in his ark some 4,300 years ago, but did so with two of every creature aboard including at least some dinosaurs - which in reality died out some 65 million years ago. The attraction shows dinosaurs living in cages aboard the ark, and features a diorama that shows a gladiator-style fight involving giants and dinosaurs. The new book is a novelization of Noah's life, and includes a scene where a giant holds him captive and in an arena, where he faces a dinosaur-like creature called a "grendec." A supposed "nonfiction" section in the back says the "grendec" is based on a carnotaurus dinosaur. In reality, the animal lived in the Cretaceous Period, some 64.8 million years before the appearance of the first homo sapiens, who evolved roughly 200,000 years ago. (Huffington Post)

Big Brother is Definitely Watching

Not only is big brother watching, he knows far more about you than you ever imagined. A recent report in the New York Times marveled over the "sophistication" of Google's and Facebook's ability to identify potential customers for advertisements and are now "capable of targeting ads ... so narrow that they can pinpoint, say, Idaho residents in long-distance relationships who are contemplating buying a minivan." Facebook's ad manager said that such a description matches 3,100 people out of Idaho's 1.655 million. (New York Times)

What the What?

The key ingredient in one of the world's weirdest cocktails is missing and a saloon in the Yukon Territory of Canada wants it back. The Downtown Hotel in Dawson City says the Mounties are investigating the theft of a pickled human toe served in its "Sourtoe Cocktail." We're not kidding. Reportedly a customer made off with the toe on Saturday after ordering the cocktail, which consists of a shot of whisky with the blackened toe inside. To be awarded a Sourtoe Certificate, "you can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but your lips have gotta touch the toe," according to the rules of the saloon, which has been serving the drink since a riverboat captain found a preserved toe in an abandoned cabin in 1973. It gets weirder. There are some backup toes available, but this was the hotel's only big toe. And it seems the prized toe was once deliberately - in 2013, and hotel manager Geri Coulbourne said the replacement toe, a "really good one" donated by a man who had it surgically removed that was then cured in salt. (Whitehorse Daily Star)

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