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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Bloody Bike Ride With An Axe?

Here's a little life tip: If you're going to go around riding your bike while carrying an axe and covered in your own blood, the police are going to want to talk to you. That was the scene in Peterborough, Ontario, where police arrested 41-year-old Lawrence Alfred Carnrite while yes, biking downtown with an axe in his hand, covered in his own blood. Police are still trying to sort out the chaos but they have confirmed there was no victim involved in the incident. Carnrite has been charged with publically carrying dangerous weapons. This really wasn't such a shocker for local police as Mr. Carnrite has an extensive criminal record and is well known by officers and the local judicial system. He also has a history of drug addiction. (Peterborough Examiner)

Robber With A Conscience!

It's kind of hard to be good at robbery if you're going to let that nasty conscience of yours get the best of you. In Plaistow, New Hampshire, a thief who stole a woman's wallet in a supermarket showed up at her door a few days later to return her $90, a GPS, and brought along an apology letter. The wallet was stolen from the 61-year-old woman's shopping cart and while it was later found at a Massachusetts post office, the money was gone. Days later, when the victim answered a knock at her door, a man said he was sorry, returned her belongings, gave her the long letter and fled. Police say he probably found her address in the wallet. While our victim is happy to have her stuff back, she is a little nervous that the thief knows where she lives. And despite his remorseful act, if the police catch him, he'll still face charges. (Eagle Tribune)

Woman Gets Attacked Because of What She Was Wearing!

Police in Cincinnati say Jamila Turnbow was attacked simply because of what she was wearing! No it wasn't sexy hot pants and a halter top. It was actually a very modest set of dark overalls. But she had the misfortune of walking by just as a police officer let one of the police dogs loose to answer the call of nature. The outfit Jamila was wearing had a strong resemblance to the "bite suit" used during K-9 training so the dog reacted as he had been trained -- and attacked! Jamila got a 3-inch cut on her upper right arm from the attack but police Sgt. Daniel Hils stated in a memo to police higher-ups that her attire and the dog's response doesn't excuse what he describes as the K-9 officer's "lack of attention and control of his canine partner." Hils is recommending a reprimand and has ordered that no police dogs be allowed off their leash in public. And that sound you hear is the dripping of saliva coming from the mouths of the personal injury attorneys who are just lining up at Jamila's front door right about now. (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Free Snake Skin Jacket!

In Sedro-Woolley, Washington, Lino Silva was driving down the road when he saw what he thought was a large tree root. Turns out it was a dead, 16-foot-long python! Silva said it had apparently been run over by a car. So he and a buddy hauled the huge snake to a friend's house and did what probably most of us would have done. They skinned it! Said they learned how by watching the Discovery Channel! Lino now plans to call a taxidermist so he can preserve the skin and use it to make a jacket or a vest. Awesome! (Huffington Post)

Talk About A Twinkle In Your Eye!

Talk about having a twinkle in your eye! An optometrist at India's Shekhar Eye Research Center has developed diamond encrusted, gold plated contact lenses! No kidding! Inspired by the jewels in his wife's teeth, the exotic eyewear will set you back $15,000 a pair! However, if you do decide to indulge, creator Chandrashekhar Chawan has said the profits will go toward treating patients suffering from Stevens Johnson Syndrome, a skin disease that can lead to vision loss. In the meantime, Chawan expects the lenses to be the next big fashion trend. (Wired)

Yes, People Are Much Ruder At Work!

Do you feel like folks at work are just plain ruder than they used to be? Well, you're not alone. Researchers at the American Psychological Association annual meeting say that indeed, "Workplace incivility" is on the rise! They define this as "a form of organizational deviance characterized by low-intensity behaviors that violate respectful workplace norms, appearing vague as to intent to harm." In English that means a lot more rudeness, insults and plain old bad manners. Research suggests "75% to 80% of people have experienced incivility" and Jeannie Trudel of Indiana Wesleyan University-Marion says, "It's a growing and prevalent problem. It's very hard to target because you don't really know if someone actually means to be rude or if it's just off the cuff, so it's an insidious problem." Researcher Paul Fairlie of Toronto says, "White-collar work is becoming a little more blue-collar. There's higher work demands, longer hours. When you control for inflation, people are getting paid less than in the late '60s." In an online survey, 38% of Americans believe the workplace is increasingly disrespectful. Older workers don't see work as meaningful anymore because they were expecting more while younger people are seeing what work did to their parents and saying, "I'm not paying my dues. I'm going backpacking. I'll come back and get a job.'' (USA Today)

Two Words: Sun Screen!

In Hudson Bend, Texas, a 30-year-old man made the huge mistake of falling asleep while nude on a boat dock under the blazing sun! He finally awoke to find second-degree burns on 40 percent of his body and had to be taken to the hospital by helicopter! Second degree burns are described as open blisters! Ouch! (The Statesman)

Feel Good 7-11 Story of the Day!

Nice to find out there are still good people in America- or at least in Poquoson, Virginia. A 9-year-old boy named Charlie accidentally left his wallet at a 7-11 store -- a wallet containing a lot of money. Devastated, Charlie wrote an impassioned letter and posted it on the store's window. The letter featured Charlie's picture at the bottom and it explained how he forgot his wallet next to the Slurpee machine and it was gone when he went back to get it. It contained more than $300 he had worked hard for two years to save and three gift cards he just received for his birthday. Amazingly, an unidentified woman returned the wallet and everything was still in it. The store's manager, Marvin Ward, said that numerous people also contacted the Daily Press, after they ran a story about the letter, offering to make donations to replace the lost money. Fortunately, that won't be necessary now. (Daily Press)

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