17th Annual Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament

Monday, June 5, 2017


Would you give up sex for a month if it meant you would lose 10 pounds? Would you turn off your cell phone for just one day if doing so caused you to shed weight? Those are examples of the hypothetical questions Life Time Fitness Inc. posed in its survey in an attempt to find out what people are willing to sacrifice or endure to lose weight. Would you be willing to do one of the following if it meant you were guaranteed to lose 10 pounds? 

  • Run one mile every day: 65 percent 
  • Give up caffeine: 49 percent 
  • Skip one meal a day: 37 percent 
  • Turn off your cell phone for one day: 36 percent 
  • Give up using the Internet for one day: 30 percent 
  • Give up sex for one month: 30 percent 
  • Pay $500: 30 percent 
  • Give up sex for one year: 10 percent 
  • Postpone your wedding or other special event: 10 percent 

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