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Friday, June 2, 2017


You can pluck them, brush them even pencil them in. No matter what beauty regimen you apply, your eyebrows are one of your most expressive features and reveal plenty about your personality. "Throughout the centuries, face reading has been an accepted way of discerning personality traits," says sociologist Cliff Region. "And brows play a particularly important role." Here's some fabulous facts about your inner self:

This coveted brow is considered one of the most attractive and often appears on the face of artistic professionals. You have the same creative ability, whether you're redecorating your home or producing inventive handicrafts. Even better, your imaginative flair is matched by your effortless attention to detail. So you have the added capability to complete the most whimsical project on time and within budget.

The sophisticated angle of your brow echoes your love of the latest trends and fads. Friends look to you for advise on fashion both clothing and home decorating. You're a girly-girl who easily charms members of the opposite sex to do your bidding. You're also a romantic who believes in following your heart. This may leave you open to heartache, but you're ultimately rewarded for your faith with a loving soul mate.

This unswerving shape reflects your cerebral nature. You contemplate the big picture with cool detachment while others are caught up in minor details. Loved ones often turn to you for help when rancorous family scrabbles get out of hand. They know you're a brilliant mediator who can bring calm and actually fix the situation with few well chosen words and an ultimate solution that will please everyone.

You're practical and super organized, and you delight in bringing order out of chaos. Your take charge attitude completes others to positively respond to your guidance. Add your exuberant approach to life and it's easy to see why people follow your lead. You have the intellectual expertise that makes you as well rounded as your brows. You're also a hard worker who never shirks your responsibilities.

You're as straightforward as your unplucked brows, and your refreshing honesty convinces friends and family that they can always trust your opinion. You exude a youthful energy and enthusiasm that encourages others to eagerly support your goals. It's impossible to keep you down for long because you positive, upbeat attitude will always push you to make lemonade out of the lemons tossed in your path.

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