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Thursday, June 15, 2017


Whether you're a fiery red, a blonde bombshell, a brunette babe or a silver fox, your hair color reveals something about you to other people. "Color is such an important factor in many of our lives that we often don't realize the signals we receive from it," writes Lynne Chapman, hair editor for BellaOnline.com. "Just as red means stop and green means go, our minds perceive colors as messages telling something about what is to come, the atmosphere or a personality." Whether you intend it or not, your hair color could affect other people's first impression of you. This may be a subliminal message, but it's a powerful one. For example, since so much about a job interview is based on a first impression, your hair color could even impact your employment success. Chapman has researched the typical first impressions most people have for various hair colors--both positive and negative. "The positive and negative reactions can be altered by something as simple as a smiling face, an energetic stride or the clothing worn," insists Chapman.

Extra Light Blonde
Positive: Think Marilyn Monroe--glamorous, youthful, feminine and vulnerable. Negative: Frivolous or not capable.

Peachy Blonde
Positive: Warm, inviting and youthful charm. Negative: This may be the perfect color since it doesn't invoke the strong negative feelings of a lighter blonde shade.

Golden or Orangey
Positive: Think Lucille Ball--glowing, bright and cheerful. Negative: It can be seen as loud or brassy.

True Red
Positive: A fiery and passionate spirit. Negative: Angry, unreasonable and hot-tempered.

Positive: Reliable, no-nonsense. Negative: No imagination.

Dark Brown and Black
Positive: Mysterious or artistic. Negative: Shadowy and untrustworthy.

Beige or Taupe Blond
Positive: Warm, practical and classic. Negative: Colorless and unexciting.

Positive: Wisdom. Negative: Old.

Positive: Purity. Negative: Old.

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