In 1756, the French captured Fort Oswego, New York, so they would have someone to be rude to over here.
  • On this date in 1848, the Oregon Territory was created. 
  • Which, of course, made the computer game "Oregon Trail" possible. 
  • The Oregon Territory was created on this date in 1848, by Jebediah Nike. 
  • Congress decided to put it up near Oregon, to avoid being confusing. 

In 1900, China's boxer rebellion ended and citizens peacefully returned to wearing briefs.

On this date in 1935, a bill was signed creating Social Security. Not many people know this, but I found out that Larry King's Social Security number is... one! The Social Security Act created unemployment insurance and pension plans for the elderly... and I'm quoting here, "until (your name) wants to retire."

In 1956, Washington, DC, disc jockey Bob Rickman created the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Elvis Presley. Critics said "he ain't nothing but a publicity hound dog."

On this date in 1958, the Canadian Football League played it's first-ever game.
  • Which means Americans didn't care for the very first time. 
  • That was back in the days, with the exchange rate, there was 35% more scoring. 
  • Their field is slightly longer and wider than the NFL version. Of course, the NFL fans are, for the most part, longer and wider. 
  • Afterwards, the decision was made not to play it on ice, and switch back to grass. 
  • They've since replaced the moose antlers with actual goalposts. 


Tim Tebow turns the big 3-0 today. Happy Minor League birthday to you!

Mila Kunis, Mrs. Ashton Kutcher, turns 34 today. You know her as Jackie from "That 70s Show" and Meg from "Family Guy." Her name sounds like something you'd order from a Greek restaurant.

Halle Berry is 51 today, like it matters. Move on... But, her poster stays up. (deep sigh) We'll always have "Swordfish."

Susan Olson, who played little Cindy on the Brady Bunch TV show turns 56. The pigtails are starting to look a little weird now...

Marcia Gay Harden turns 58 today. Why does she have to tell us she's gay in her name? That's like saying Tom "Straight" Cruise... like anyone's going to believe that.

Gary Larson, the creator of "The Far Side" turns 67 today and needs to come out of retirement.

Steve Martin turns 72 today. He's gone from being a "Wild & Crazy" guy to a "Mild and Hazy" guy.


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