On this date in 1485, the War of the Roses ended in Britain... with 2 crowns being the finally agreed upon price for a dozen of them.

In 1692, eight "witches" were hanged in Massachusetts. Tough broom.
  • All were found guilty of under-inflating their crystal balls. 
  • Needless to say, that was the least popular costume the following Halloween. * Seems awful early to decorate for Halloween. 

On this date in 1762, Ann Franklin became the first female publisher of a newspaper in America. People use to drive her crazy by greeting her with, "How ya been, Franklin?"

In 1787, inventor John Fitch demonstrated his steamboat on the Delaware River. Not only did it power itself along the river, but it also removed wrinkles! Needless to say, congress was fascinated to see a boat power by hot air.

On this date in 1846, the U.S. annexed New Mexico. It seemed like a better idea than annexing Old Mexico.

In 1851, gold fields were discovered in Australia. Wasn't that a Sting song? Of course, it caused a gold rush, but of course, in the opposite direction.

Colonel Harlan Sanders of "Kentucky Fried Chicken" fame was born on this date back in 1890. He was the original reason why the chicken crossed the road.

On this date in 1902, Teddy Roosevelt became the first American president to ride in a car. It was also the first time a vice-president had to get out and help push it. He said it was a moving experience.

In 1906, the Victrola was patented... just like the one in our studio. It was the predecessor of the record player, which was the predecessor of the cassette player, which was the predecessor of the CD player which is what we use to listen to before our phones.

On this day in 1928, 79 years ago today, Mickey Mouse's first movie, "Steamboat Willie" made its debut. Critics said it was good, but a little cheesy.

In 1980, the record for coconut tree climbing was set when 17-year-old Fuatai Solo ascended a 29.5-foot tree barefoot in 4.88 seconds. It's a record that no one has cared to break since.

On this date in 1990, angry smokers protested in Russia's Red Square because of a nationwide cigarette shortage. There's nothing more irritable than protesting smokers.


The date is 8-22. So, at 8:22 this morning, the day will be officially redundant.

James Corden turns 39 today. I had him pictured in his 50s.

Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough turns 44. He was one of the lesser-known members of the group. In fact, I didn't even know he was in the Backstreet Boys until just now.

SNL alum Kristen Wiig turns 44 today. Finally, something she finds not funny. She's like Tina Fey, without the publicity.

Ty Burrell from "Modern Family" hits the big 5-0. Did you know Matt LeBlanc actually turned down the role of Phil Dunphy?

Singer and songwriter Tori Amos is 54 today. She's one of the most famous singers no one has ever heard of.

Swimmer Diana Nyad is 68 today. Diana went into the record books after becoming the first to swim from the Bahamas to Florida.
  • What some people won't do to save a buck. 
  • What some people won't do to skip paying airfare. 
  • Of course, today she prefers taking the boat. 
Cindy Williams turns the big 7-0 today. Remember how back in "American Graffiti," she ran her fingers through Ron Howard's hair? Yeah, that was a long time ago.

Football coach Bill Parcells turns 76 today. He's nicknamed "the Tuna"... I'm assuming, because he gets canned so much. Or, it would take less time to list the teams he hasn't coached.

Valerie Harper from the old "Mary Tyler Moore" show turns 77 today. I'm trying to decide who was the meaner character on the show. Was it Mr. Grant or was Rhoda ruder?

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