It was on this date in 1889 that the very first ship-to-shore wireless message was received.
  • It was nice to finally get rid of all those wires in the ocean. 
  • It was a simple message that said, "I think I left the iron on. Can you check?" 
  • Unfortunately, Yoda was the one who received the message from the ship. The ship had asked, "Is this another ship?" and Yoda replied, "Shore is." 

On this date in 1968 that Ringo Starr temporarily quit the Beatles over a disagreement. Which, of course, begs the question: "I wonder why they settled?"

In 1979, Soviet dancer Alexander Godunov defected in New York. Godunov is Russian for "Works for me"!

On this date in 1986, Sylvia Brett, 80, at the time, became the world's oldest parachute jumper. She said she needed to thank God, her family and the failing plane engine.


Retired basketball player Kobe Bryant (Lakers) turns 39 today. His birthday parties are always problematic.
  • They asked him to pass the cake and he really has a hard time passing anything. 
  • He pretty much has everything he wants and whatever you do, don't order room service. 
  • He's pretty easy to shop for, all you have to do is give him the ball and he's happy. 

Rick Springfield turns 68 today. These days, he wishes he was Jessie's great grand girl.

Shelley Long from "Cheers" also turns 68 today. Working all those years at the bar has its toll. For the rest of her life, she'll probably get birthday gifts from Kirstie Alley, as we might not have ever known who she was if Shelly hadn't left "Cheers." So Kirstie can blame everything on Shelly. There, all figured out.

Richard Sanders -- better known as Les Nesman from WKRP -- turns 77 today. As God is my witness, I could have sworn he could fly.

Political satirist Mark Russell turns 85 today. Boy, if you ever needed a good Jimmy Carter zinger, Mark was your guy.

Barbara Eden, who played Jeannie on the old TV series, "I Dream of Jeannie," turns 86 today. The good news: she's staying out of the bottle these days. Hopefully, she's not still wearing the same outfit.


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