It was on this date in 1492 that Columbus began sailing the ocean blue. His plans as he passed those white cliffs of Dover, was to discover the Indians and then screw them over.
  • He would have left earlier, but he needed to wait for a year that rhymed with "ocean blue." 
  • For a while, it was believed he was the first to discover America. Then we realized there were hundreds of thousands of people who had discovered it before him. 
  • He brought three ships with him: the Nina, the Pinta and the "We're all doomed and going to die," which, for marketing purposes, they renamed the "Santa Maria." 

On this date in 1678, Robert LaSalle built the first ship in America, the "Griffon."
  • While most people were impressed with the entire ship, Harry Potter fans were most interested in the Griffon door. 
  • Of course, being the first one, they had some bugs to work out. 
  • As it sailed over the horizon, a friend of the builder said, "Don't you think we should have had a crew on board?" 

In 1914, Germany declared war on France, because, hey, it was just a thing to do.

On this date in 1943 During World War II, General George S. Patton slapped a soldier at an Army hospital in Sicily, a move that would later help George C. Scott win an Oscar.

In 1949, the National Basketball League and the Basketball Association of America merged to form the NBA. To give you an idea of how long ago this was, back then the players only had kids with their families. And, of course, somewhere, a very young Marv Albert shouted "Yes!"

On this date in 1958 that the submarine, "The Nautilus," completed it's first voyage under the North Pole. It wasn't without incident. On December 23rd, it was dead-center under the pole, someone upped the telescope and... well, let's just say that was the year Santa came early.

In 1975, the New Orleans Super Dome opened. It wasn't built for religious purposes, but it is now home of the Saints.

On this date in 2000 George W. Bush accepted his nomination to be President of the United States. Does anyone remember what we were thinking?


Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte celebrates his 33rd birthday today, if he can be believed.

Evangeline Lilly, who gave up being a flight attendant for acting (Kate, on "Lost") turns 38 today. She once was on "Lost"... but more recently she was found in "Ant-Man."

Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady turns the big 4-0 today. No birthday presents necessary. He's married to Gisele.

Jay North, TV's original "Dennis the Menace" turns 66 today.
  • Yikes! He's now Mr. Wilson's age! 
  • He's the guy with the orthopedic sling shot. 
  • If you're old enough, you remember him as the blonde little TV version of "Dennis the Menace." If you're really old, you'll remember him as "Dennis the kid who will probably turn out to be a menace." 
  • He plans to meet Mr. Wilson for the 4pm dinner special at Denny's. 

It's Martha Stewart's birthday today. She's 76, but hoping to get three years off for good behavior.

Martin Sheen turns 77 today. Blame him for Charlie.

Tony Bennett turns 91 today, despite leaving his heart in San Francisco years ago.

National Watermelon Day -- A recent study says that eating watermelon has the same effect as Viagra. And if watermelon is your favorite fruit, you're a live and let live type of person who never judge a book by its cover. And just like the crisp flood of sweetness a slice of watermelon offers, your bubbly attitude and joy for life stimulates everyone you meet. You're a natural born leader who appreciates and often uses the ideas of your followers.


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