Men's Health reports on your not quite safe for work performance review of the top dog:
  • 70% of men think their boss is in the top spot deservedly. 
  • 41% of men believe they are way more qualified than the boss to sit in the corner office. 
  • 18% of men worry that the boss monitors their every e-mail. 
  • 8% of guys have slammed their boss on Twitter or Facebook. 
  • 11% of men have thought about using the boss's desk to "seal the deal" with a co-worker. 
  • 31% of guys have gotten seriously sloshed with their superior. 
  • 56% of those who got sloshed said the bosses would spill company secrets. 
  • 25% of men share just one chromosome with their boss. 
  • 13% of men tried to share some other things after dinner and drinks. 
  • 13% of men have lived the dream and said "take this job and shove it." 
  • 33% of men have had their brilliant idea stolen by the boss. 
  • 21% of guys have sucked up to a boss they would really rather kick in the cojones. 
  • "Raises for everyone" is the first memo guys would issue if handed the company reins. 
  • $50,000 is the minimum salary bump guys think they would need to be as flush as their boss. 
  • Northeast is the region of the country where men most often dominate the executive suites. 
  • Midwest is the region where women are more likely to call the shots than anywhere else. 


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