• Sacramento Kings player Zach Randolph was arrested in Los Angeles Wednesday night and charged with selling marijuana. 
  • Ringo Starr's new album "Give More Love" will be released on September 15th. Paul McCartney joined him for one of the tracks, "Show Me the Way," which Ringo said he wrote about his wife, Barbara. 
  • Most Starbucks have four other locations within a one-mile radius. 
  • Oregon has become the fifth state to raise the age of buying tobacco to 21. 
  • Tiger Woods has pleaded not guilty to DUI and will enter a diversion program. Meanwhile, Woods says he and Kristin Smith are over. 
  • The odds of someone winning both the Power Ball and Mega Millions lotteries is one in 75.6 quadrillion. 
  • A study says that two thirds of American kids can't find North Korea on a map. 
  • A study says sex burns an average of 100 calories. 
  • The NBA has announced two games will be played in Mexico City in December. 
  • NBC is going to try a reboot of "The Munsters." 
  • Rapper 2 Chainz is wheeling around these days in a pink wheel chair after breaking his leg. 
  • Sean Spicer has let it be known he'd be interested in a "Saturday Night Live" appearance. 
  • Pharrell Williams got stuck in an elevator for 30 minutes last week in Los Angeles. Ironically, while he was there, his song "Happy" came up in the canned music. 
  • Britney Spears' bodyguards and dancers earned their salaries last Wednesday night, when a man rushed the stage at her Planet Hollywood Las Vegas performance. That was her first show back after a summer tour in Asia. 
  • Kesha's new album, 'Rainbow' dropped on Friday. 
  • This Wednesday is the 40th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death. 
  • Soccer's Premier League kicked off Friday. One big rule change this year: players who take a dive to deceive referees will now face a two-match ban. 
  • Singer and actress Reba McEntire's former lakefront estate known as Starstruck Farm in Nashville has been sold for $5 million. 
  • Applebee's and IHOP plans to close up to 160 restaurants. Just shutting down the non-profitable ones. 
  • "Judge Judy" sold her TV library to CBS for a reported $95 million. The Judge also extended her run to 2021. 
  • In Massachusetts, two teenage girls were arrested after they posted a video where they put the baby they were babysitting in a refrigerator. 
  • Starbucks is going to start making Pumpkin Spiced Latte liquid drinks and flavored coffee available in stores soon. 


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