• Robert Hardy, who played Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge in the Harry Potter movies, has died at 91. 
  • So, there are actually two seasons of Will and Grace locked in. This upcoming 16-episode season, followed by a 13-episode season next year. 
  • ABC was going to a live version of the musical, "The Little Mermaid" in October, but that has been quietly scrapped. 
  • Nike re-released the Air Max shoes on Friday, two decades after they were first unveiled. 
  • The world's best-selling beer: it's a Chinese beer, called 'Snow.' 
  • Former FBI Director James Comey has inked a book deal. 
  • Dunkin' Donuts is experimenting with a new name in California, calling it just Dunkin'. 
  • 65-year-old Tom Wopat, the actor who played Luke Duke in the 1980s television show "The Dukes of Hazzard" is facing indecent assault and battery and drug charges in Massachusetts. 
  • ABC says the ninth season of "The Middle" will be its last. 
  • 21% of U.S. broadband households use wellness, fitness, or diet apps. 
  • Alex Rodriguez says the secret of success and happiness is to "stop being a jerk." 
  • A survey says young Instagrammars use the app 32 minutes a day. 
  • Scientists say with the Moon moving farther away, the last solar eclipse visible on Earth will be in 600 million years. 
  • Driverless bus service has been launched in Estonia. 
  • Donald Trump was slated to star in the third installment of the "Sharknado" movie series... until he decided to run for president. 
  • Shaquille O'Neal says he blames God for his bad free-throw shooting, as a way of keeping him humble. 
  • An Alabama Islamic organization is asking for an investigation after a Muslim family said a McDonald's purposefully served them bacon. 
  • Daimler plans to test an automated (no pilot) air taxi called the Volocopter later this year in Dubai. 
  • Norman Lear, the 95-year-old TV legend who created the bigoted Archie Bunker for 1970s sitcom All in the Family, is boycotting the Kennedy Center Honors-rather than receive the lifetime achievement award from President Donald Trump. 
  • West Virginia's Governor Jim Justice is switching... from being a Democrat to becoming a Republican. 
  • Someone leaked the latest episode of Game of Thrones online last week. 


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