Better Breakfast Month -- Looks as if mom was dead on when she said breakfast was the most important meal of the day. But recent research shows there's more going on than just filling your growling tummy. The morning foods that make your mouth water also provide a taste of the kind of person you really are.


Whether you eat it hot or cold, you have a meticulous eye for detail and strong sense of priority. You're a hard-charger who reaches most any goal you set. Friends, family and co-workers all admire your intelligence and leadership ability. But you don't have to continually keep your nose to the grindstone. It's OK to kick up your heels and have fun once in awhile.


You're a contemplative sort, who enjoys a comforting meal while you watch the morning news. You're relaxed and happy on your own -- a bit of a loner who doesn't need others to feel complete. But you are devoted to both your loved ones and your small circle of pals. As long as they don't crowd you when you require some time on your own, you're a dedicated member of your family and your community.

Bacon & Eggs

You like a big meal to fuel you through the morning, and your appetite for life is ravenous. Gregarious and outgoing, you never met a stranger you didn't like, and you make friends wherever you go. This ability to draw others to you mans you have a large collection of friends and relatives clamoring for your attention, but somehow you always manage to make everyone within your group feel special.


You flaunt tradition whenever possible, so the thought of having "breakfast food" in the morning is out of the question. People love your wacky sense of humor, and your non-conformist attitude makes you a favorite with kids. You're a hard worker, but you're not the type person to punch a time clock either. You're happiest when you have a job that requires creativity and spontaneity.

Nada, zilch, nothing

Endless fascinated with the world and the people in it, you'd rather watch the morning news than shuffle to the kitchen for a bite. You're an enthusiastic person who's a team player, and your boss values your loyalty and support. You're the rock on which your family and friends depend. They know that regardless of the crisis, you'll always be available to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on.


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