Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Convicted Criminal

The crackdowns that once made Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio famous, and somewhat of a folklore hero, have now sealed his demise. The former sheriff was found guilty yesterday of criminal contempt of court. The verdict from US District Judge Susan Bolton came more than a month after closing arguments in the case were given and represents a victory for critics who voiced anger over Arpaio's unusual efforts to get tough on crime - including jailing inmates in tents during triple-digit heat and forcing them to wear pink underwear. Arpaio, who spent 24 years as the sheriff of metro Phoenix, skirted two earlier criminal investigations of his office. But he wasn't able to avoid legal problems when he prolonged his signature immigration patrols for nearly a year and a half after a different judge in 2011 ordered him to stop. The 85-year-old faces up to six month in jail, though attorneys who have followed the case doubt that someone his age would be incarcerated. Sentencing is slated for Oct. 5. (Arizona Republic)

Easy Jet, Easy Fight?

An EasyJet flight from Nice, France, to Luton, England, was delayed 11 hours or more Saturday and a passenger approached an employee to ask about the delay. The employee couldn't answer the passenger's questions - so he allegedly punched the passenger in the face - and the passenger was holding a baby at the time! Bystanders restrained the employee and the alleged victim was initially taken away by police, but was later allowed on the flight. An airport rep apologized for the incident; EasyJet apologized for the delay, and said the employee involved in the incident has been suspended. However, a video appears to show the passenger shoving the worker first and police are still investigating. (CNN)

Can You Come Get Us? We're Tired!

A woman and her husband from the Swedish village of Jokkmokk were hiking in the mountains recently when they called police to tell them she was having trouble walking. Police dispatched an air ambulance and mountain rescue team only to discover the woman wasn't in trouble at all - she was just tired and didn't want to hike any more. As that wasn't considered an emergency - especially because there was a cottage nearby - the couple was given the option of either walking down the mountain on their own or paying for the helicopter ride. They must have been really tired because they ended up paying more than $3,600 for the helicopter ride. (International Business Times)

Oh Baby!

Meanwhile, in Kentucky, Dr. Amanda Hess, an obstetrician, was actually about to have her own second child when she heard an emergency unfolding in the birthing room next to hers. Knowing it would take longer for the on-call physician to reach the baby in distress than for her to jump in herself, she did just that! She left her own bed and went next door to deliver Leah Halliday Johnson's fourth child. Just moments later her own contractions kicked in, and she soon had her second daughter, Ellen Joyce. Johnson later said, "I appreciate what she did for my family, and it speaks a lot to who she is as a woman and a mother, as well as a doctor." As for Dr. Hess, she admits that delivering someone else's baby - something she does all the time - was much easier than taking part in her own delivery. (NBC News)

Sweet Wedding

In Indianapolis, when it came time for it came time for Marielle Slagel Keller, a teacher at IPS Butler Lab School, to choose a flower girl and ring bearer for her own wedding, the only kids who came to mind were her students. So she invited her entire class to be in the wedding. Twenty students walked down the aisle wearing all white and carrying garland. Keller said, "The kids and their families were part of the whole wedding planning process with me and gave me so much support along the way. They are a huge part of who I am and it would not have felt right to not have them there." She teaches a combination of kindergarten and first grade students, so some of the students will have her as a teacher again this year. (FOX 59)

What the What?

Italian police arrested two brothers suspected of robbing dozens of cash machines while wearing masks of President Donald Trump. The brothers, aged 26 and 30, targeted cash machines near the northern Italian city of Turin. In closed circuit footage of one of the robberies, one of the brothers in a Trump mask is seen covering the surveillance cameras in the lobby of a bank and planting an explosive in the cash dispenser. He then ducks around a corner after lighting the fuse, just before a violent blast. (NBC News)


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