When Bikers Are Awesome

A group of more than 50 bikers in northeastern Indiana stepped up to save the day and help a sixth grade kid feel safe from bullying. Tammy Mick is the mother of Dekalb Middle School Student Phil Mick and says her son was being bullied so badly he had contemplated suicide. But rather than go to the police, she spoke with Brent Warfield of KDZ Motorcycle Sales & Service who immediately wanted to help. Warfield is the director of United Motorcycle Enthusiasts and has been hosting charity rides for years. He's been working to raise awareness about bullying and teen suicide, so he decided to organize a special ride for Phil on his first day of middle school. He posted the information on Facebook just a few days beforehand, and he got an incredible response. More than 50 bikers met with Phil and his family for breakfast before his first day of school. They prayed with Phil before they all escorted him to school. Warfield said the school was very welcoming of the idea, and Phil was very excited about a fresh new start. (FOX News)

Hammock Tragedy

In Fort Thomas, Kentucky, 15-year-old Michele Chalk was all set to become a freshman year in high school this fall. Instead she met a tragic fate while lounging in a hammock positioned between two trees in a friend's backyard. One of the trees suddenly collapsed and crushed her! Campbell County police say Michelle was dead by the time first responders got to the scene. Exactly why the tree fell hasn't yet been determined, though it was described as being an older tree. The local community is now in mourning for Michelle, who started dancing at the age of 3 and had performed in the Cincinnati Ballet's Nutcracker performance since 2013, including as one of the lead soldiers in last year's staging. Meanwhile, the doors of Highlands High School were opened in the early morning on Wednesday so students, friends, and their families could grieve together. (WCPO)

That Creep Next to You on the Plane

An airline passenger is being hailed as a "hero" after she helped stop two suspected child predators - who were texting about their disturbing plans to abuse children next to her. Police say the unnamed Seattle-area preschool teacher became alarmed after spotting "certain words" in the large-font texts of a man seated in front of her on a Southwest flight from Seattle to San Jose. He was allegedly instructing his correspondent to molest children. The fast-thinking woman took photos of the man's screen, then notified the flight crew. Once the flight had landed, the man was questioned by the FBI and San Jose police. Police say 56-year-old Michael Kellar of Tacoma, Wash., let authorities review his messages and claimed they only spoke of sexual fantasy. But police say the woman from Tacoma with whom Kellar was communicating was babysitting two children, aged 5 and 7, at the time and police allege the kids were being abused. Kellar and 50-year-old Gail Burnworth were both arrested. Kellar faces charges of attempted child molestation and solicitation of a sex crime, while Burnworth is charged with rape of a child and other crimes. San Jose Police Sgt. Brian Spears said, "If it wasn't for this particular passenger taking action to alert the staff and alert the police, this catastrophic event would have been horrific." He also called the woman a true hero. (San Jose Mercury News)

Something Fishy About the Freedom of Information Act

Canadian fishing pro Mike Borger has a really good secret fishing spot and apparently somebody wants the location so badly that they turned to the government for help. Borger says it all started with a video he posted earlier this year about a trip to a lake in Algonquin Park. He politely declined requests to reveal the location of his brook trout fishing spot, which he has been returning to for 15 years. But later on, he says, somebody filed a Freedom of Information request with the provincial Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry in a bid to discover where he'd been fishing. Borger said, "I'm going to give him credit, because it was an incredibly smart - underhanded and a little bit devious - but also very smart way to get this information. He added, "If somebody has a copy of my interior camping permit, which shows which lakes I camped on each night, they can clearly and easily figure out which lake I caught these trophy fish in." Borger says the ministry told him about the request but would not confirm or deny the existence of the records to the person seeking it, though the person will have the option of appealing the decision. Borger added, it shows the "lengths some people will apparently go to find your fishing spot." (CBC)

It's Not Often You See Conflict in Chick-Fil-A - Wait, This is Florida

In Jacksonville, Florida, a teen boy was complaining that his chicken nuggets were cold. Allison Music, who recorded part of what happened on her phone, says she first saw the boy "making a complete fool of himself" while arguing with workers for 15 or 20 minutes. Next, she says, two women approached the counter, which is where her Facebook video begins. In the clip, one of the women can be heard referring to the boy who'd been involved in the previous argument as "our brother," and the two verbally spar with employees over his nuggets being cold and how he should get a refund. A woman who appears to be a manager finally tells them she did give him his money back. A police report notes that at one point the women were told to leave because the store was closing, but once outside, one allegedly tried to re-enter, slamming on a locked door and causing $900 worth of damage. A second video shows one of the women storming off, leaving behind a floor littered with condiment packs and straws. Once off-screen, she appears to hurl something (reportedly one of Chick-fil-A's table vases). The restaurant owner says they are cooperating with the police in the probe. (Action News Jax)

But I Wanted To Be King!

The husband of Denmark's Queen Margrethe is so fed up with what he sees as discrimination, he's rejected a royal burial spot next to his wife. Prince Henrik, 83, has been married to the Danish royal for 50 years. They gave him the title of prince consort, but apparently Henrik always wanted to be named king and treated just like his wife. In protest, he's refusing to be buried alongside his wife in a specially designed glass sarcophagus to be installed at the country's Roskilde Cathedral. Instead, he'll be buried at another location in Denmark. The Royal Danish House's director of communications says, "It is no secret that the prince for many years has been unhappy with his role and the title he has been awarded in the Danish monarchy. The practice of not making him king, however, is in line with that of other European royal families, including Britain's." Henrik, who fathered two sons with the queen, retired from public duties last year, the BBC reports. Queen Margrethe, who became the country's first female monarch in centuries after the constitution was changed in 1953, has reportedly accepted the decision. (New York Times)

What the What

A toilet at Nashville International Airport overflowed when someone stuffed it with paper towels. As if that weren't bad enough, the water then flooded the bathroom and rained down on luggage going through a secure baggage conveyor belt! So 380 passengers had their luggage sprayed by the nasty sewage. The airport cleaned all the luggage as if it were contaminated, because they couldn't assume it wasn't. Customers are being compensated, and have further rights to damages, but many were outraged that they were sent to their destinations BEFORE they were told specifics about the accident. One passenger, Kate Riley, said, "I mean, if a pipe bursts and our bags are covered in sewage, OK. But why did they board us and make us leave?" (News 2)


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