Bat Guano Crazy!

In Vancouver, a young couple with a baby were terrified when 39-year-old Benjamin R. Courtney suddenly approached them as they sat on a park bench, and tried to stomp their newborn baby! The couple said Courtney was screaming loudly when he walked directly in front of them. He then lifted his leg and attempted to stomp on their 17-day-old child who was in a car seat. The boy's mother quickly "ripped" the car seat out of the way and began screaming for her husband to call 911. Courtney was reportedly yelling, "I'm Italian and angry!" He then fled. When officers found him, he appeared to be under the influence of intoxicants and was yelling that he is Italian and "strong." He later admitted to stomping on the ground near the child. When asked why he tried to stomp on the child, he said, "When we're high-powered, we don't stop!" He's been charged with second-degree assault which in court he said he didn't understand because: "I haven't laid a finger on anybody." Prosecutors say Courtney has a criminal record in a half-dozen states. (Columbian)


It almost seems like a Mr. Burns or Dr. Evil parody - except that it's very real. In New Hampshire, 83-year-old Pauline Chase has been arrested after police heard a disturbing murder-for hire phone call recording between Chase and a hit man. In the recording Chase is heard laughing as she says she wants her son's ex-wife killed. Chase and her son, 63-year-old Maurice Temple, both of Plainfield, have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder, solicitation to commit murder, and attempt to commit murder. Prosecutors say the hit man went to police. In one call, the man asks Chase if she's sure she wants the woman dead. Chase responds, laughing, "Yes, that's right." At one point she allegedly said, "She made all those years miserable." When asking about disposing of the body, she allegedly added, "Got a meat grinder?" Meanwhile, her son's lawyer says his client wasn't part of the plan until the hit man persuaded him to be. As if that makes some kind of difference? (New Hampshire Union Leader)

Disney Dumping Netflix

Disney is launching streaming services for both its movies and live sports, shaking up how it interacts with viewers. The Magic Kingdom will launch a new streaming service in 2019 that will exclusively offer animated and live-action Disney and Pixar movies, starting with releases such as Toy Story 4 and the sequel to Frozen. It means Disney will end an earlier deal with Netflix, which gave the popular service exclusive access to the company's films for streaming. Disney will also make original movies and shows for the service, which isn't named yet. It will offer a large library of older Disney and Pixar movies, as well as shows from TV channels Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD. Disney is also launching an ESPN sports service in early 2018 that will air baseball, hockey, and soccer games, tennis matches, and college sports through ESPN's popular mobile app. Notably, ESPN will not be streaming pro football or basketball, at least initially. No pricing named yet. (Newser)

Didn't Your Mama Teach You to Flush?

In Southern California, 42-year-old Andrew David Jensen made one bonehead mistake while allegedly robbing a home. He went to the bathroom - number two - and didn't flush. That left a nice pile of DNA evidence for police that led to his arrest. The DNA profile put together by investigators matched another profile in a national database and detectives tracked Jensen down at his home in Ventura. Detective Tim Lohman of the Ventura County Sheriff's Office said it's the first DNA burglary match case he knows of with fecal evidence collected from a toilet. (Newser)

The Wrong Way to Discipline Your Kid

Time outs or loss of privileges - definitely. Spanking - maybe. Using a stun-gun - no way! Police in Houston have arrested 27-year-old Whitney White for using a stun gun to punish her five-year-old son. Her lawyer says it was "discipline that went a little too far." Police say it was a felony injury to a child. The boy told police it happened last fall after he got into trouble at school. "From zero to 10, it hurt 10," he said, according to court documents. White is also accused of hitting the boy, now 6, with a belt last month. The most incredible part of the story may be White's own statement to police. She actually said, "My anger management class told me not to Tase him, but we didn't go into what else to do." The boy and his sibling, a 2-week-old baby, have been placed in a relative's care by Child Protective Services. (New York Daily News)

Beware the Moscow Mule

It's one of the most talked-about cocktails this week - the trendy Moscow Mule - but Iowa is saying stay away! An official state health advisory warns that the drink, usually served in a copper mug, poses a health risk if the wrong kind of mug is used. If you don't know, a Moscow Mule has vodka, ginger beer, and lime, and thus is acidic. But if you serve acidic beverages in mugs with a copper interior you run the risk of copper getting into the drink and therefore into you! And yes, that's a very bad thing. A mug with a copper exterior is fine, but make sure the interior is made of stainless steel, nickel, or some other alternative. And now you know. (Live Science)

What the What?

So your boat battery is suddenly dead and you're stranded on the water. No problem - just call the Coast Guard. Well, unless you've also got 1,200 pounds of drugs on board! But that minor detail didn't stop one boating idiot near San Diego. So, when members of the Coast Guard Cutter Sea Otter arrived at the stranded boat, located southwest of Point Loma, they discovered not only a dead battery, but more than 50 bundles of weed, weighing 1,200 pounds! Senior Chief Petty Officer Justin Eaton said in a statement, "Working together with multiple Coast Guard assets we were able to make another seizure and slow down the flow of illegal drugs into America. It's never an individual effort, but always a team effort, that make these cases so successful. (WTVR)


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