What Did I Get Out Of The President's Political Rally Last Night In Arizona?

President Trump is right! Open your Eyes! President Trump pointed his finger at the media last night for this insanity! I have to agree with him they are responsible. How many violent demonstrations would you see if the News Cameras were not camping out doing minute to minute coverage! Reporting shit like we haven't seen any violence yet but the crowd is building and it looks like a rough night ahead for police! Thanks Joe for that report we'll come back to you if the situation changes.15 minutes later Joe is back with LIVE Breaking News, now he's talking about looting and buildings being burned or police officers being shot at. You want to put an end to racist hate groups in this country? Don't put those shit heads on television plain and simple. The media gives them political power when they do that! It's not Fake News to me it's Dumbass News. My message to the news media! Think about what you're doing to this country and not your dam ratings!


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