"The Three Wise Men Were Actually Women!"

Trash! Following a star, refusing to ask for directions? Nope, definitely men.

"Failing Grades Are Up 38% in Schools Across America!"
Truth! Disadvantaged students are falling furthest behind. Teachers say many students are skipping assignments or struggling with limited internet access-and remote learning has made it much harder to detect which students need extra assistance.

"White Christmas Called Racist!"
Trash! But the Smurfs are pretty much done with Blue Christmas.

"Men Arrested for Stealing Live Turkey and Giving it Vodka!"
Truth! It happened in Latvia. The bird was stolen from a private zoo. All three men are in jail. The turkey's fine. Hungover, but fine.

"Real Life Grinch Steals 50 Christmas Trees in Spokane!"
Truth! Security cameras caught the guy and the subsequent investigation led to the arrest of 49-year-old Eli P. Vansickle.

"Average Person Has Owned 12 Cell Phones in Their Life!"
Trash! I think that's just the past couple of years.

"Man Walks 290 Miles From His Home After Fight with Wife!"
Truth! In Como, Italy, a 48-year-old man had an argument with his wife and then went for a walk to cool off. And he just kept walking, and walking and walking. He was found a week later, 290 miles from his home.

"Rudolph Got His Red Nose From Drinking!"
Trash! Rudy, yes. Rudolph, no.


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