It's the last full week before Christmas.

Benjamin Bratt is 57. His acting career has been good, but what's even more impressive is that he was Julia Roberts escort at the Oscars the night she won Best Actress. His name always reminds me of tailgate parties, almost as much as William Wurst.

Former Chicago Bear William "The Refrigerator" Perry is 58 today. He's not as energy efficient as a lot of today's players.

  • He's gotten even bigger since that great Super Bowl year and should probably change his name to "Side by Side."
  • However, the Refrigerator is no longer running.
  • You know he's a big guy when they're nicknaming him after appliances.
  • My guess is that, any year now, his wife is going to replace him with a more efficient model.
  • He was not only a huge player, but he also kept your beer cold.
  • He's a little noisier and not as frost-free as he used to be.

Xander Berkley is 65. You've had lots of ways to hate him. As George Mason in "24" and the annoying Gregory in "The Walking Dead."

Actor Terrance Knox turns 74 today. He was in the movie, "Tour of Duty," not go be confused with the video game, "Call of Duty"... which should not be confused with what you should always do with your dog, "Pick up his doodie."

Benny Andersson also turns 74 today. He was one of the founders of the Swedish rock group, Abba. They broke up when Benny insisted they let Elvis Costello join the band. However, none of the others wanted to be a part of Abba and Costello.

Leslie Stahl of "60 Minutes" turns 79 today. Yep, she's the kid on the show.


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