As of noon, we'll be half-way through December.

Helen Slater turns 57 today. She originally played Supergirl in the movies. More recently, she played Supergirl's mom on the TV show until she'll eventually play Supergirl's grandmother somewhere. People love saying goodbye to her: "Later Slater!"

Don Johnson, from the old "Miami Vice" and "Nash Bridges" TV series, and made a career out of not wearing socks, turns 71 today. Back then, he walked around looking cool with no socks. These days, there are two things he always has one: his socks and his turn signal.

Dave Clark of the Dave Clark Five turns 78 today. One of their big hits was "Catch Us If You Can," back when catching things was a lot harder. I don't remember which one he was in the group.

Cindy Birdsong of the Supremes turns 81 today. It used to be there "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"... now, there are.

Underdog Day -- "There's no need to fear - Underdog is here!" How about a little "Underdog" trivia?
The popular 60's and 70's actor was the voice of "Underdog?" (Wally Cox)
Who is Underdog's girlfriend? (Sweet Polly Purebread)
Sweet Polly Purebread was a reporter. Name her boss? (OJ Squeeze)
Which early 50's sitcom starred Wally Cox prior to his voice work on "Underdog"? ("Mr. Peepers")
Shoeshine Boy, Underdog's alter ego, was "both _____ and loveable." (humane)
For what television station did Sweet Polly Purebread work? (TTV)
Who was Underdog's nemesis? (Overcat)


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