Wait - There's Already a Meta?

Talk about a colossal Facebook screw up! You probably know the company rebranded as Meta last month. There's just one little problem with that. There's already a PC company called Meta who filed to trademark the word "Meta" back in August. That company is Meta PC and it sells computers, laptops, tablets, and software. Founders Joe Darger and Zack Shutt said that they've been operating Meta PC for a little over a year now, but only recently filed to trademark the "Meta" brand. One caveat - the Meta trademark hasn't been granted yet, so whether the company gets it instead of Facebook is still to be decided. However, Darger and Shutt also said that they will relent on the trademark if Mark Zuckerburg is willing to pay at least $20 million. They also have quite a sense of humor. Meta PC's Twitter account posted a meme of Zuckerburg holding one of the company's products and presenting its logo. Additionally, Schutt posted a joke video of him announcing Meta PC's new name, rebranding the company as "Facebook." (IGN)


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