You've Been Publicly.. What the Heck?

A Phoenix dad was mortified over a book his 15-year-old daughter read as part of the school's curriculum. The book "So You've Been Publicly Shamed" was a summer reading option for juniors in an AP class at Horizon High School. It explores how people are shammed on the internet and at times is quite graphic in its examples which sometimes use profanity and graphic sexual references. "Thomas Morton said, "It is hard to preserve a child's childhood these days. Part of my child's childhood is probably gone now." One page in the book details a pornographic shoot, while another references a woman having sex with an animal. So how did the book even end up in the student's hands? The Paradise Valley Unified School District said AP teachers could choose books off the approved reading list if they met board requirements. It is now removed from the list and is no longer an option in the class. (AZ Family)


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