Born On This Day...

In 1284 King Edward II Of England (1307-27) (first Prince of Wales)
In 1599 British statesman/military leader, Lord Oliver Cromwell
In 1825 Educator, Charles F. Dowd (proposed four standard time zones)
In 1840 Russian composer Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky (Swan Lake, Nutcracker)
In 1854 Inventor, Charles Sumner Tainter (co-inventor of the radiophone)
In 1874 Inventor, Guglielmo Marconi (wireless telegraphy aka radio)
In 1893 Silent film actor, Harold Lloyd
In 1906 Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan Jr. (1956-90) [d: 7-24-97]
In 1908 Journalist/news broadcaster Edward R. Murrow [d: 4-27-65]
In 1909 Country singer Karl Farr (Sons of the Pioneers) [d: 9-20-61]
In 1912 Gladys L. Presley, mother of Elvis Presley [d: 8-14-58]
In 1913 Actor, Russ Conway (Richard Diamond Private Eye) [d: 11-16-00]
In 1918 Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald (First Lady of Jazz) [d: 6-15-96]
In 1923 Actress, Anita Bjork (Loving Couples, Night People) [d: 10-24-12]
In 1923 Blues singer Albert King (Bad Look Blues) [d: 12-21-92]
In 1930 Director/actor Paul Mazursky (Down And Out In Beverly Hills) [d: 6-13-14]
In 1932 Ex-Harlem Globetrotter, Meadowlark Lemon [d: 12-27-15]
In 1932 Discus thrower Lia Manoliu (Olympic-Gold-1968) [d: 1-9-98]
In 1933 Author/journalist J. Anthony Lukas [d: 6-5-97]
In 1934 Actor, Denny "Scott" Miller (Duke Shannon-Wagon Train) [d: 9-9-14]
In 1940 Actor, Al Pacino (Godfather, Scent of a Woman, Carlito's Way) (82)
In 1944 TV host Len Goodman (Dancing with the Stars) (78)
In 1945 Bassist, Stu Cook (Creedence Clearwater Revival) (77)
In 1945 Singer/guitarist Bjorn Ulvaeus (Abba) (77)
In 1946 Actress, Talia Shire (The Godfather, Adrienne-Rocky) (76)
In 1947 Actor, Jeffrey DeMunn (Citizen X, The Walking Dead, Billions) (75)
In 1949 Keyboardist, Michael Brown (The Left Banke, Stories) [d: 3-19-15]
In 1950 Drummer Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty, Average White Band) (72)
In 1955 Tennis player Buster Mottram (67)
In 1955 British chess player John Nunn (67)
In 1956 Basketball player David Corzine (66)
In 1958 Singer/songwriter Fish (Marillion) (64)
In 1959 Singer/guitarist Billy Rankin (Nazareth) (63)
In 1963 Singer, Michael Morales (59)
In 1964 Actor, Hank Azaria (Quiz Show, Heat, The Birdcage, Godzilla) (58)
In 1964 Singer, Andy Bell (Erasure) (58)
In 1965 Bassist Eric Avery (Jane's Addiction) (57)
In 1966 Actress/model, Isabelle Pasco (Ave Marie/Elle, Vogue) (56)
In 1967 Broadcast journalist Jane Clayson (The Early Show) (55)
In 1969 Actress, Gina Torres (Xena: Warrior Princess, Firefly) (53)
In 1969 Actress, Renee Zellweger (Bridget Jones Diary, Chicago) (53)
In 1969 Football player/analyst Darren Woodson (Cowboys, ESPN) (53)
In 1970 Actor, Jason Lee (Almost Famous, Big Trouble) (52)
In 1970 Actor, Jason Wiles (Colin-90201, Maurice-Third Watch) (52)
In 1973 Tennis player Barbara Rittner (49)
In 1975 Actress, Emily Bergl (The Rage: Carrie 2, Men in Trees) (47)
In 1976 Basketball player Tim Duncan (Spurs) (46)
In 1977 Actor, Jonathan Angel (Saved By the Bell, The New Class) (45)
In 1977 Actress, Marguerite Moreau (The Mighty Ducks, Queen of the Damned) (45)
In 1977 Singer, Matthew West ("More," "You Are Everything") (45)
In 1979 Actor, Joey Andrews (Independence Day) (43)
In 1980 Rapper/reality star Hazel E (Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood) (42)
In 1980 Singer, Jacob Underwood (O Town) (42)
In 1985 Actor, Jonathan Halyalkar (Billy-Who's The Boss) (37)
In 1986 Actor, John DeLuca (Teen Beach Movie, Hemingway) (36)
In 1986 Actor, Daniel Sharman (Teen Wolf) (36)
In 1988 Actress, Sara Paxton (Shark Night, The Last House on the Left) (34)
In 1996 Drummer, Will Ferri (Against the Current) (26)


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