Last month, Coca-Cola announced a new limited-edition beverage: Coca-Cola Starlight, a red version of the iconic soda with a flavor "inspired by space." They've unveiled Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte, a new flavor that is supposed to taste like ... pixels. Over to you.
Golf's big event, The Masters, gets underway on Thursday. For the first time in as long as many people can remember, the famous Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwiches will NOT be available due to supply chain shortages.
The newest flavor of Pepsi to hit store shelves: Maple Syrup flavored.
There's a further Cinnamon Toast Crunch spread if you want to make your toast taste like your cereal.
Burger King is being sued by someone claiming that their commercials show their burgers much more significant than they actually are.
Big Papi, David Ortiz, has introduced his own whiskey and what makes this so special is that the whisky is aged---not in barrels-but in wood from his baseball bats. It's 100 percent rye whiskey aged for six years in American oak before being finished for six weeks in barrels containing Ortiz's toasted DO34 maple wood bats, then bottled at 96.56 proof.


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