A milk truck overturns and spills 12,000 gallons of cow juice.

Not all heroes wear capes, remember? Sometimes they drive milk trucks. A Michigan county sheriff's department received a call at almost 3 a.m. and responded to find a 57-year-old tanker truck driver and an overturned truck. The driver was headed southbound when a northbound SUV crossed the center line into the southbound lane. Instead of pulling a "Mad Max: Fury Road" move and killing the SUV driver, the truck driver swerved to avoid the collision. Deputies said alcohol was not a factor in the truck driver's actions. Since 18-wheelers don't like the word "swerve," the truck rolled on its side in a field next to the road. Since tanker trailers don't like the word "rolled," it disgorged 12,000 gallons of milk into the area. The driver, who was wearing a seatbelt and wasn't hurt, estimated the load's value at $25,000. (Autoblog)


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