Foodies devastated: Ronzoni to discontinue star-shaped pasta.

Pasta brand Ronzoni has announced that the company is discontinuing its patina product, a tiny star-shaped pasta. Ronzoni, a subsidiary of Post Holdings, made what some see as a tragic announcement in an Instagram post. Pastina is the most minor shape that Ronzoni sells, according to the brand's website. The petite, five-pointed stars are typically cooked in soups with cheese and eggs. The company attributed the decision to a long-term supplier that announced it would no longer be able to make Ronzoni pasta starting in January 2023. Online, fans reacted to Ronzoni's surprise announcement with shock and outrage. Commenters shared nostalgic stories about eating pasta as a child or recalled pastina soups lovingly cooked by grandparents. A petition for the company to reverse course on discontinuing the product had gathered over 2,000 signatures in three days. (CNN)


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