SC man replies to the Facebook post of a WANTED poster.

A South Carolina fugitive took to Facebook to defend himself -- on a Facebook post featuring a "wanted" photo with his own face on it. The McCormick County Sheriff's Department says the man is "wanted in multiple jurisdictions and is known to be armed and dangerous.' The Sheriff's Office put out a wanted poster featuring him and encouraging the public not to approach him. He seemed to disagree with how he was being portrayed and thought the comments section was the appropriate place to defend himself. He stated that he was not dangerous and did not even own a weapon. He added that the cops tell lies and that the sheriff's office needs to be investigated because they break the law and abuse people's rights there daily. Deputies responded that there are two sides to every story and hoped he turned himself in the next day. Or, they offered that he could come in that night as they work 24/7. If not, they would be seeing him soon. (WSB-TV)


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