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Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Chris Stapleton and Wife Morgane Expecting Twins. Someone get a glass of "Tennessee Whiskey!" It's time for a toast. Singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane Stapleton are expecting twins, the couple announced Monday. Their bundles of joy-to-be join the country music couple's son and daughter. Morgane celebrated their 10-year anniversary with a heartwarming social media post (and babies announcement!) dedicated to her man. "14 years, 2 babies, & 2 more on the way," she wrote. "Happy 10 year anniversary babe! You make my whole world go round." And according to The Dallas Observer, Chris also shared the wonderful news during a recent concert stop when Morgane joined him onstage to sing a tune. She appeared to sport a small baby bump while walking the carpet at the 2017 CMT Artist Of The Year Awards earlier this month. "She's the mother of my two kids, and she's about to be the mother of two more," he reportedly said before serenading Morgane. The beloved pair tied the knot in 2007, and as fans of Stapleton's music know, Morgane's vocals are featured at length on his 2015 album, Traveller. She poked fun at their working relationship in a joint interview with Rolling Stone, noting, "Chris is a master, and I say this with all due respect, at messing things up." Morgane continued, "He can take something so recognizable and turn it into something totally different where it's almost unrecognizable, in the best way possible." Congratulations, you two! (Eonline)

Khloe Kardashian sort of confirmed her pregnancy at Halloween party. Well, they say good news usually comes in threes... After E! News confirmed Khloe Kardashian was pregnant with her first baby, we were still waiting for Khloe to break the news herself - and at a Halloween party she might just have done it. The reality star was giving fans a peek of the Halloween costumes that earned her and boyfriend Tristan a 'best couples costume' prize. Khloe was dressed as the mother of dragons Khaleesi, and Tristan as a shirtless (and very spot on) Drogo. Aside from the couple looking uh-mazing, what really got fans talking was a photo that Khloe shared on her Snapchat. Take a good look at the caption... That's enough confirmation for us! Last month E! News made the news official-ish saying an insider told them Khloe and her NBA star boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, were expecting. Adding that she "is so happy, you have no idea." The news came around the same time People said sources confirmed Khloe was expecting a baby boy. Now, the news channel are saying that Khloe is expecting a boy and we're way more excited than we should be. The TMZ sources also speculated that she conceived naturally (honestly, how do 'they' know this?!). The news comes after Kylie Jenner's baby news and her sister Kim Kardashian-West's surrogate news. Are you thinking what we're thinking? It's going to be a crazy 2018 for the Kardashian household. We're super happy for Khloe - it's no secret she wanted to have children, and she's so good with her sisters' children. Plus, in a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians we watched her find out the heartbreaking news that her chances of conceiving were low. The doctor told Khloe: "What we're looking at is [if] there's nothing that's going to get in the way of a healthy pregnancy. "These are follicles, these hold eggs, so this is just giving you an idea of how young your ovaries are. There are fewer follicles than I anticipate for a normal 32-year-old." Panicked, Khloe replied: "Shut the f*ck up! This is definitely not at all how I thought this appointment was going to go. What if I can't get pregnant?" In another scene from the same episode, Khloe talks about how she wants to have a family with basketball boyfriend Tristan Thompson. Talking about if she would accept a marriage proposal from him, she said: "Yes I would. I have never been in this type of love. I would love to have a family. We've talked about it. "He [already] is a father, and I know for a fact that he would be an impeccable father. I definitely want to be a mom. But I don't put the pressure on it. It's not like, the clock is ticking. I feel in my soul it will happen." The pair have been dating since August 2016. (British Glamour)

Cardi B and Migos' Offset are learning love pays big time ... if they can make it to the altar. Multiple production sources tell TMZ ... shortly after the couple got engaged, BET, VH1 and WE tv started jockeying to seal the deal on a TV wedding special that could be worth about one million dollars! We're told the goal is to set up freshly engaged Cardi and Offset with a deal similar to what Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka'oir nailed down with BET to air their lavish wedding. Our sources say renowned producer Mona Scott from VH1 has already reached out to Cardi B. Mona created 'Love & Hip Hop' ... so you'd think she'd be the front-runner. We're told the couple's down for a TV special, and they're mulling over offers. (TMZ)

Selena Gomez "Didn't Accept" Her Lupus Diagnosis Until It Became Life-or-Death: "I'm Not Really Proud of That." It's no accident that Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa became friends. In part two of Today's exclusive interview with Gomez and Raisa, they told Savannah Guthrie that their shared faith in God is what initially brought them together -- and it's also what got them through one of the toughest moments of their lives. Over the summer, as Gomez's battle with lupus worsened and her kidneys started failing, doctors told her she needed a new kidney. "I had arthritis. My kidneys were shutting down. My mentality was just to keep going," Gomez said Monday. Weeks away from dialysis, Gomez broke down and shared the news with Raisa, her roommate. "One day she came home, and she was emotional. I hadn't asked anything. I knew that she hadn't been feeling well," Raisa said. "She couldn't open a water bottle one day and she chucked it and just started crying." Finding a donor could take between seven and 10 years, doctor said. "It just vomited out of me," Raisa said. "I was like, 'Of course I'll get tested.'" Soon after, she got her blood and urine tested and underwent a full physical and psychological evaluation. She was a match, but there would be risks involved with the surgery -- for both of them. "She lived with me in this interesting time where my kidneys were just done. That was it and I didn't want to ask a single person in my life," Gomez said. "The thought of asking somebody to do that was really difficult for me. And she volunteered and did it...The fact that she was a match, I mean, that's unbelievable." Raisa had her surgery first, followed by Gomez. In spite of the risks, Raisa decided to go forward with the life-saving operation. "If I didn't have my relationship with God, I don't think I would've been able to," she said. Gomez added, "What I believe is that it does happen for a reason. I think a huge part of my discernment and my honesty and my truth has been because I've had a relationship with God." And while it was a life or death situation, Gomez said Tuesday, "I don't want people to think it's a sad thing that I went through this with Francia, or with anything in my life, because at the end of the day, I think all the stuff I went through made me and defined everything that I am right now. I think it's a really beautiful thing, and I have to remind myself of that. It's not a negative experience." That's not to say everything went smoothly. Complications arose soon after the initial surgery, as the singer's new kidney turned around inside her body. "I was freaking out. It was a six-hour surgery that they had to do on me, and the normal kidney process is actually two hours. Apparently one of the arteries had flipped," she recalled. "I'm very thankful that there are people who know what to do in that situation." Diagnosed with lupus in 2015, Gomez said Tuesday that she often pushed herself too hard, career-wise. "I don't think I made the right decisions, because I didn't accept it. It was extremely selfish and at the same time really, really just unnecessary," she said. "I'm not really proud of that." Guthrie suggested Gomez was being hard on herself, to which the singer replied, "That would be easier if I just accepted it, but I am definitely the hardest person on myself, for sure." Eventually, Gomez's health problems became impossible to ignore. "I went away to a facility. I took some time off. I need to get my mind right and be healthy," said Gomez, who didn't see Raisa for six months. "I removed myself from everyone in my life." Their continued friendship afterward is a testament to the fact "that you have people in your life that can understand where you are, not judge you for it, not make you feel bad for it," she said. And, according to Raisa, "It was a huge lesson of friendship for me and trust, because it's easy to feel offended or want to be there. It's just...they need to go through their own thing." Gomez didn't blame fame for making matters worse. In fact, she told Guthrie, "I don't think I ever accepted the position I had. It was me almost feeling guilty about fame, because people could see anyone in my position and say, 'Wow, they've got it all figured out. They've got everything. They get to live this cool life.'" In reality, she said, fame isn't all it's cracked up to be. "You're isolated. You're being looked at. You're being judged. I'm always trying to be nice," she said. "I want to be great. That's genuinely who I am, deep down. But it just seemed pointless." The singer revealed in September that she and Raisa were recovering from the surgery, and on Monday, Gomez credited the actress for saving her life. "Because she did. That's it," she said. "I guess I got to the point where it was really kind of life or death." As soon as she got the kidney transplant, she said, "My arthritis went away. My lupus -- there's about a 3 to 5 percent chance it'll ever come back. My blood pressure is better. My energy, my life has been better." Gomez hopes their story will help others who are on similar journeys. "I just hope that this inspires people to feel good," the pop star said, "to know that there is really good people in the world." (Eonline)

Mila Kunis' Daughter Wyatt Thinks the Actress Gets "Hair and Makeup Done for a Living." Mila Kunis' mini-me has no idea what "mama" does for a living. The actress appeared on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday to promote her new comedy, A Bad Moms Christmas, where guest host Shaquille O'Neal chided her for giving Santa Claus a lap dance and cursing out Kenny G in the movie. Given Mila's mature movie roles, will her daughter Wyatt Kutcher ever get to see her act onscreen? "Ooh, I don't know," Mila said. "I don't know!" "It's weird, because there are billboards everywhere in L.A. right now, and in the billboard I'm wearing a Santa hat. And my daughter has no clue what I do for a living. She kind of thinks that mommy gets hair and makeup done for a living -- that's what I do. Because she comes to the hair and makeup trailer, and then she leaves. She saw this billboard of me with the Santa hat and she says, 'Huh! That's silly. Why is mommy wearing a Santa hat?' I was like, 'I don't know.' I don't know how to even explain to her what I do for a living, so I don't know when she's going to see any of my movies, because none of them are OK," said Mila, who has starred in Black Swan, Ted and other films. "None of them! I clearly don't make movies for children, you guys." Wyatt did get to see Mila dress up as a family-friend character over the weekend, though. "I have a 3-year-old who has no concept of time," she said, "so we, in our neighborhood, had a huge Halloween party this past Saturday. She got to go trick-or-treating, 200 kids showed up, there was mazes, haunted houses -- everything. As far as she's concerned, she did Halloween." But Mila, who said she plans to attend Game 6 of the World Series on Oct. 31, didn't love her daughter's costume. "This is what sucks about having a kid: They tell you what to do and you listen. Because you pick your battles, and you're like, 'Well, I guess this is not one of them.' I was trying to convince my daughter, 'Don't you want to be Batman or Superman or something awesome?' She's like, 'No, mom! I'm going to be Cinderella!' I was like, 'Eww! Gross! OK!' So, my kid is in a Cinderella dress -- beautiful, cute little thing. 'Mommy's going to be...' And I started naming off everything, like Han Solo. She's like, 'No, Mama is Elsa.' I was like, 'No, kiddo. Mama's not Elsa.' This was six months ago. Guess what mama was on Saturday? Mama was Elsa," the actress, 34, admitted. "I sucked it up, you guys. I had a blond wig on and everything." Speaking of the holidays, Mila also wanted to clear something up about her no gift-giving rule this year for Christmas. "I'm not anti-gifts. I just don't over-gift my child. I give them presents!" she said after a recent interview went viral. "I'm not, like, anti-gift! It's just that they get so many wonderful gifts from my family and my husband [Ashton Kutcher]'s family that he and I give her literally one present. I know that story got taken out of control -- I'm like, 'No presents for my daughter!' My son [Dimitri Kutcher] is 11 months old, so he gets a boob, and he's fine." "That's right! Boobs, you guys!" Mila said. "We got 'em. Yes, Shaquille O'Neal! I said 'boobs!'" (Eonline)

Wendy Williams Faints on Live TV: "That Was Not a Stunt." Wendy Williams gave viewers quite a scare on Halloween. In a segment from Tuesday's episode of her syndicated daytime talk show, Williams introduced her annual "How You Booin'?" costume contest. "We do it every year," she began. "It's always a lot of fun." Looking a little green, Williams began to slur her words. "Let's get started. Our first guest..." Unable to continue, the host's eyes widened as she gasped for air and eventually fainted; a crewmember rushed onstage to help her as the camera panned away from the stage. After a long commercial break, Williams -- dressed as Lady Liberty -- returned to the air. "That was not a stunt," she promised. "I overheated and did pass out, but I'm a champ and I'm back." She then propped herself up on a podium and announced the winners of the costume contest. Tuesday's guests included Jerry O'Connell and National Wildlife Federation's David Mizejewski. E! News reached out to a rep for The Wendy Williams Show, who responded, "Wendy is feeling much better. She overheated because of her heavy costume, makeup and lights. She was able to finish the show in true Wendy spirit. She will address the incident on tomorrow's show." After footage from Williams' incident went viral on social media, former talk show host Queen Latifah sent her public support via Twitter, writing, "Prayers up for the Sister Wendy Williams!" (Eonline)

Actor Scott Grimes may get laughs on "The Orville," but there's nothing comedic about his wife's new project -- she's filing for divorce ... TMZ has learned. Megan Grimes filed legal divorce docs Friday after 5 years and 10 months of marriage. She's requesting spousal support and lists the date of separation as Oct. 27 ... the same day she filed. Scott's also the voice of Steve Smith on FOX's "American Dad" ... and he was also on the HBO series "Band of Brothers" and "Party of Five." The couple has no children together -- but Scott has 2 from a previous marriage. (TMZ)

Rose McGowan Faces Arrest Warrant for Alleged Drug Possession. Rose McGowan, a key voice in the movement to speak out against sexual harassment and assault following the Harvey Weinstein scandal, now faces a warrant out for her arrest. According to the Associated Press (via Vulture), an arrest warrant was issued for the Charmed star for a felony drug possession charge. Based on Vulture's reports, the warrant was the result of a January police investigation of McGowan's personal belongings, which she reportedly left on a United flight. Following the investigation, which took place at Washington Dulles International Airport, police said McGowan's belongings tested positive for narcotics. According to the article, the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority Police Department obtained the warrant Feb. 1. Police tried contacting McGowan to have her appear in Loudoun County, Va. court, Vulture writes; although, the warrant has since reportedly been submitted to a national law enforcement database. McGowan referred to the warrant out for her arrest as "horsesh-t" in a tweet. "Are they trying to silence me?" she tweeted. "There is a warrant out for my arrest in Virginia. What a load of horsesh-t." This isn't the first time McGowan has claimed someone's tried to silence her. McGowan was mentioned in The New York Times expose detailing decades of sexual harassment allegations against Weinstein for a $100,000 settlement she reached with the Hollywood executive in 1997 for "an episode in a hotel room during the Sundance Film Festival." She later accused Weinstein of rape in a tweet. However, The New York Times did not report she was raped in the expose. Weinstein's attorney Charles J. Harder also told E! News The New York Times article was "saturated with false and defamatory statements," and Weinstein's spokesperson Sallie Hofmeiser has said that "any allegations of noq-consenual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein." Following these accusations, the actress (through her lawyer) said "someone close" to Weinstein offered her $1 million to sign a nondisclosure agreement and not speak out about his alleged encounter with her. Weinstein did not comment on her remarks. (Eonline)


Kate Middleton Plays Tennis With Kids After Announcing Her Third Pregnancy. Practice makes perfect! At the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton Tuesday, Kate Middleton made her first solo appearance since announcing her third pregnancy in September. Wearing a sporty look -- a black and white tracksuit and a pair of Nikes -- she pulled her hair back with a poppy pin and played in a Tennis for Kids session, which encourages kids aged 5 to 8 to play her favorite sport. Kate, who is expecting her third child with Prince William, arrived at the center at 11 a.m. She was greeted at the center's entrance, where she shook hands with officials, before hitting the court to play with the children. Kate also chatted up tennis pro Johanna Konta. "It was good and fun. She's lovely. It was great to see her passion for tennis and that she was here to learn about these great programs being run by the LTA," Konta said of the Duchess of Cambridge. "Every little girl and almost every boy wants to meet a princess, and it got them very excited." Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) coach Sam Richardson also spoke with Kate. "She asked what kind of stuff [Prince George] should be doing. He is interested in tennis, but being 4, he just wants to whack the ball. You have to wait for them to show interest," he said. Kate said she'd also "spoken to Judy Murray, who advised her to take the racket away and just focus on skills." In addition to meeting Paralympian Alfie Hewett, Kate also led a few coaching drills, improved her form and shared a few laughs with the kids. The Duchess became a patron of the LTA last December, taking over from Queen Elizabeth II, who first assumed the position 64 years earlier. Throughout 2017, the Tennis for Kids program will give 22,500 children the chance to play tennis, offering free coaching and rackets, according to a press release from Kensington Palace. Kate, meanwhile, is due to give birth in April 2018. (Eonline)

Prince Charles and Camilla Share a Kiss in Rare Moment of PDA. Reunited and it feels so good! Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, made a very rare public display of affection when they reunited in Singapore on Monday. The Prince of Wales flew in on an RAF Voyager flight separately from his wife of 12 years, as the royal duo kicked off their 11-day trip to Southeast Asia and India, known as their "Autumn Tour." Brits are often known for their "keep calm and carry on" mentality and for being a reserved culture, so it's no surprise that two members of the monarchy are not known for public flights of fancy or packing on the PDA -- but these two have almost never been photographed kissing despite being on and off since the early '70s. For the official events, Camilla, who has been on holiday before going to Southeast Asia, opted for a floral black and white dress with white heels. Her prince donned a navy blue pinstriped suit. The longtime couple has reportedly only been photographed smooching on two other occasions -- once at a polo match a few months after they were married in 2005 and another time at a Somerset House reception in 2001. This photo is actually the second time the pair have been caught locking lips as a married couple. Prince Charles and Camilla are in Singapore to strengthen the UK's relationship with Commonwealth Nations of Southeast Asia ahead of India Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) next year. While on their Autumn Tour, the couple is also celebrating the upcoming Commonwealth Games, which is like the Olympics for Commonwealth Nations. The duo will be going on a tour of Malaysia, neighboring Brunei and finally the Indian capital New Delhi. Their relationship has made headlines and raised eyebrows over the years with their unconventional now-royal relationship. Camilla and Prince Charles reportedly met in mid-1971. The two dated for two years and then broke up. They were then on and off for several years, despite both of them getting married (Charles to Princess Diana and Camilla to Andrew Parker Bowles) they kept their relationship going. Both eventually got divorced from their spouses (Camilla in 1996 and Charles in 1996) and have been together ever since. Eventually, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were married on April 9, 2005. (Eonline)

LeBron James Pulled Off a Killer Pennywise for Halloween. It is worth debating over who outdid themselves, the NBA star or Gwyneth Paltrow, who went as her own severed head from the 1995 thriller 'Seven.' You'll dunk, too! LeBron James on Monday proved he is not just king of the basketball court, but also of Halloween. The NBA superstar posted a photo of himself as Pennywise from the horror smash hit It. "Georgie!! Georgie!! #HappyHalloweenFolks," he wrote in an Instagram post to his massive following. The killer clown is no doubt a popular selection for many this year, but James went all out, so much so he looks just like film actor Bill Skarsgard. And of course he had the balloons. It is worth debating over who outdid themselves, James or Gwyneth Paltrow, who went as her own severed head from the 1995 thriller Seven. In the Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman starrer, Paltrow plays Tracy Mills, wife of Pitt's detective David Mills. Tracy is murdered by John Doe (Kevin Spacey), a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins to pick victims. Tracy becomes his second-to-last victim, her head delivered in a box to the officers at the climax of the film. Pitt's pleading "What's in the box?!" has become a pop-culture staple. (Hollywood Reporter)

Teresa Giudice Calls Sofía Vergara a "Bitch" and Makes Xenophobic Comments. Teresa Giudice is calling Sofia Vergara a "bitch." On Monday, Giudice and her The Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars Siggy Flicker, Dolores Catania and Danielle Staub stopped by Mohegan Sun for Gettin' Real With The Housewives, a special edition Reality Check event. While there, the cast members participated in a moderated panel as well as a live Q&A session with over 400 audience members at The Cabaret Theatre. In response to a question during the discussion portion of the event regarding what celebrities they've been approached by that are fans of the show, Guidice told a story about an alleged encounter with Vergara. In video footage obtained by TMZ from the event, Giudice can be heard saying, "So anyway, we're in the green room and my publicist from Bravo said, 'You're gonna run into Sofía so we want you guys to take pictures together.'" She continues, "I said, 'Alright, that's fine.' I never ask for picture because I'm so not like that, I don't care. If you look at my Instagram...who I did take a picture with, which she was so sweet too, Jennifer Lopez. She's on my Instagram." Giudice then says, "But anyway, Sofia Vergara...I can't stand her, sorry. We're in the green room and I hate to say that, I hate to say it because you know I'm Italian she's Columbian, she has an accent, she has more of an accent than me...You would think that she would be nice, you know she's an immigrant." Giudice then stands up and she asks Staub to stand up and help demonstrates what allegedly happened during the photo-op. She then shows that Vergara stepped in front of her to take the pic. She then says in the video that she didn't say anything and she was "so mad" at herself because she wanted to say "bitch, I don't want to take a picture with you." Giudice later tells the audience that she overheard Sofia say to her publicist, "Why are you making me taking a picture with that woman?" (Eonline)

Bethenny Frankel Hit With Backlash After Posting Video Of Her Beloved Dog Cookie Having A Seizure. In sad news, Bethenny Frankel's first dog Cookie passed away on Monday after suffering multiple seizures over the weekend. The Real Housewives of New York starlet took to social media on Saturday when she first noticed the 17-year-old was seizing over and over, asking followers for help. But it was when she took to her Instagram Story to share video of her Cookie going through it for 45 minutes that she received a lot of backlash. Telling her fans on Twitter the nearest vet is 45 minutes away, some were confused she wasn't calling the emergency vet for help and was instead seemingly live tweeting the situation. She shared: Twitter Ads info and privacy We are so sorry for her loss! The pain of losing a pet is unimaginable. Bethenny appeared with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live on Monday night, speaking on her heartbreaking loss: "Everyone said [Cookie]'s at the rainbow bridge. I don't know where that is but I want to go." R.I.P., Cookie. (Perez Hilton)

An elegant French Revolution-themed Halloween party turned into a catfight that would have made Marie Antoinette proud. Guests at the fancy fête watched as designer Tory Burch and "Odd Mom Out" creator Jill Kargman got into a war of words that ended with Burch bluntly barking, "You should take a good look in the mirror, because you won't like what you see!" The confrontation, at a society bash in Manhattan's West Village, started as Burch unexpectedly came face-to-face with Kargman. Burch was furious about a reference to her foundation, which helps female entrepreneurs, in a July episode of Kargman's TV satire. In the scripted Bravo series, Abby Elliott's fashion-designer character is interviewed by Vanity Fair's Derek Blasberg, who says, "I heard Tory Burch started a charity to empower gold diggers to stand up to their oppressors and divorce their husbands. It's called Melania's Tower." Before the episode aired, staff at the Tory Burch Foundation demanded that Bravo edit the line out, which they did. A reference to Burch also vanished from a piece about Kargman's series. Spies at Saturday's party watched in horror as Burch said to Kargman, "What you did was incredibly rude to women who are trying hard to make ends meet. They are not gold diggers, my foundation is to help women entrepreneurs." Another source insisted Burch added, over the loud music "The line you said about me on your show was pathetic." Kargman responded, "It was a joke in a comedy show," adding that Burch didn't have a sense of humor and, "Your behavior is crazy!" The designer hit back-believing Kargman had called her "bat- -t crazy"-by saying, "I am not bats?-?-?t crazy. What you did isn't funny." Burch added, "You should take a good look in the mirror, because you won't like what you see on the inside," as Kargman left. Sources close to Kargman insist Burch's parting shot actually was, "You must hate what you see when you look in the mirror." The scene stunned partygoers dressed in wigs and baroque gowns, including Cynthia Rowley, Eric Schmidt, Stefano Tonchi and Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece. Burch said in a statement Monday, "Especially in these times it's so important that we support and amplify efforts to empower women, not ridicule them. I don't think there's anything funny about the wage gap or the obstacles women in business continue to face." Kargman added, "It is sad that what we considered an homage was taken as offensive. It wasn't mean-spirited, the lead character in my show wants to emulate Tory Burch." (Page Six)

Farrah Abraham Says She Was Fired from MTV's Teen Mom OG for Being Adult Entertainer. Farrah Abraham says she was fired from MTV's hit reality show Teen Mom OG in a late night post on Monday. The reality star, 26, wrote in a Facebook post that Viacom, the parent company that owns MTV, "let me go because as a Business Mogul I act like an adult and part take in adult promotions and activities that other adults do for FREE or in private!" Her long Facebook rant came just hours after she did a pornographic Halloween-themed web cam show. Abraham, who has starred in adult videos and has a sex toy range, continued, writing, "I am proud of myself not giving in to be sex shamed by Viacom network, Proud to not have a network take away financial opportunities for my goals, proud to be an Advocate for a healthy sex life, safe sex, teen pregnancy prevention and so much more while I run companies in different fields and scale them." The reality star then went on to reference the Harvey Weinstein scandal, while calling herself MTV's "biggest talent." "Sad such a phenomenal show will no longer have its biggest talent on the show because of women hating, sex shaming, hate crimes, selfish, Weinstein company power trip behavior against a professional hardworking, honest mother," the mother of one, Sophia, 8, continued. PEOPLE has reached out to MTV for comment. Not done yet, the adult entertainer said no one but God had the right to judge her. "Cheers to basically winning against hurtful disgusting executives who do way more in their personal lives then what I could ever be judged for-I will never be broken by hateful wrong people and if everyone else is brained washed, on drugs, pills, scheming thinking their at the top of their power trips I WISH to always be apart- I give this chapter of my life to GOD & all of his glory & to justice in court." "If God's for you who dare be against you. I look forward to writing my first business book and sharing all of these life changing experiences in detail, from scheming producers & executives to jealous celebrities, what to do to overcome, not be shattered & stay true to the free world we live in! #USA #AMERICA Get out there a keep being you! You're much better than all the politics & the people at the top who could never be at the top if it wasn't for you! #godisgood," she concluded. Abraham's alleged firing came on the same day the new trailer for Teen Mom OG season 7 was released. She, along with her daughter feature heavily, and promoted her claims they were being "exploited." (People)


Kesha Wants to Shield Her Talks With PR Firm From Dr. Luke. The pop star argues that Sunshine Sachs is "an arm" of her legal team and that communications with the firm are privileged. It's not a topic that comes up often, but the legal battle between Kesha Rose Sebert and Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwalt is exploring the line between legal advice and public relations advice. It's a consequential one, and new court papers even have a Bill O'Reilly cameo. After being accused of raping Kesha, Dr. Luke continues to hunt for documents to support his defamation claim against the pop star. He is now demanding Kesha's communications with Sunshine Sachs, a powerhouse PR firm that represents a number of stars in the entertainment industry. According to Dr. Luke's lawyers, "Sebert indeed hired her PR Agents to orchestrate and execute Sebert's intentional press strategy and campaign against Gottwald in order to widely and publicly spread her defamatory statements about him." New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich has already ruled that Sunshine Sachs must produce certain documents, but Kesha's attorneys are withholding some of them on the basis of attorney-client privilege. Sunshine Sachs "is an arm of Kesha's legal team no different than a document vendor or economic consultant," argues Kesha's attorneys at O'Melveny in a brief filed Friday (Oct. 27). "In New York, attorney-client and work-product privileges apply to communications involving public-relations professionals, if they facilitate legal advice or litigation preparation. Kesha's attorneys needed strategic advice from SS in (i) pursuing a verdict or legal settlement that would allow Kesha to make music without Dr. Luke; (ii) advising Kesha on the risks associated with public statements; and (iii) guiding Kesha's conduct during the litigation." Dr. Luke's camp is doubtful that privilege applies. "The Withheld Documents are unlikely to be privileged for two reasons," write his attorneys at Mitchell Silberberg. "First, documents to or from the PR Agents are not privileged as they are obviously intended to facilitate the development of a media strategy, rather than to facilitate legal advice. Second, any otherwise applicable privilege was waived because the documents were shared with the PR Agents." Kesha's camp responds that Dr. Luke's is "speak[ing] out of both sides of their mouths; Dr. Luke's legal and public relations strategy is inextricably intertwined. He engaged public-relations consultants at Sitrick and has engaged in an aggressive media campaign to discredit Kesha." One of the examples of the blurring of legal and PR work is this media-savvy reference to a certain ex-Fox News anchor: "On December 23, 2014, and consistent with Bill O'Reilly's recent strategy of releasing Megyn Kelly's old thank-you notes to rebut her sexual-harassment complaints, Dr. Luke attached to his complaint a birthday card signed 'Ke$ha' thanking Dr. Luke for 'making my wildest dreams come true.' described it as 'an over-the-top lovey dovey birthday card that makes it seem like their relationship is anything but abusive." (Billboard)

Republic Records Appoints Kerri Mackar Senior VP of Brand Partnerships. Music marketing executive Kerri Mackar has been appointed senior vice president of brand partnerships at Republic Records. In her new role at the New York City-based label, Mackar will work on partnerships between roster artists and major brands, launch high profile events and collaborate with parent Universal Music Group on additional integrations to drive revenue. Mackar has more than a decade of experience in the music/marketing space, beginning at Billboard, where she rose to executive director of marketing. Since 2014, she has been head of marketing at Rolling Stone, where she specialized in fostering partnerships with top brands and orchestrating events around the Super Bowl, SXSW and the Grammy Awards, among others. "From her early days at Billboard to her most recent role at Rolling Stone, I've seen Kerri successfully capture the imagination of 'bands and brands,'" remarked Charlie Walk, president of the Republic Group. "We're thrilled to be joining forces with one of the most innovative leaders in branded entertainment." Added Mackar: "Republic is leading the industry when it comes to building synergy between music and brands. That relationship is now more important than ever, and it's a focus of the entire executive team, fueled by the shared entrepreneurial foresight and progressive leadership of Monte [Lipman], Avery [Lipman], and Charlie. I'm honored to work on creating groundbreaking alliances for Republic's high-caliber talent. In my opinion, there's no better place to carry out this vision than at Republic; a company always pushing the envelope across all parts of the business." Republic's roster includes such major acts as Ariana Grande, Drake, DNCE, Florence + the Machine, Jessie J, Kid Cudi, Lorde, Nicki Minaj, the Avett Brothers and The Weeknd, among many others. (Billboard)

Portugal. The Man's 'Feel It Still' Is Biggest Rock Crossover Hit in Five Years. The song achieves what no hit has at radio since Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" in 2012. Portugal. The Man adds two more tallies to its chart-topping resume, as "Feel It Still" hits No. 1 on Billboard's Songs and Dance/Mix Show Airplay charts (dated Nov. 11). The song, versatile for multiple radio formats with its '60s-reminiscent pop, rock and dance vibe, has now led six radio-based rankings, led by its command on the all-genre Radio Songschart for a third week with 128 million in audience, up 11 percent, in the week ending Oct. 29, according to Nielsen Music. The song wins the Billboard Hot 100's top Airplay Gainer award, as it holds at its No. 4 high on the chart, which blends airplay, streaming and sales data. "Feel" additionally tops Songs for a third week. It previously ruled Alternative Songs for 17 weeks, tying for the third-longest domination in the chart's 29-year history, and Songs for 11 weeks. Only one other song has hit No. 1 on Radio Songs, Pop Songs, Adult Pop Songs, Alternative Songs, Adult Alternative Songs and Dance/Mix Show Airplay (dating to the launch of the lattermost list, and youngest of those surveys, in August 2003). In 2012, Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know," featuring Kimbra, led the respective charts for six, three, six, 12, 13 and six weeks. It also dominated the Hot 100 for eight weeks, eventually emerging as the top Hot 100 title of all of 2012. "Somebody" additionally led a seventh airplay chart: Adult Contemporary, for a whopping 19 weeks. "Feel" lifts 21-18 on the Nov. 11 AC tally and should it top a seventh airplay chart, it would tie "Somebody" and only two other smashes for the most such reigns (since August 2003). The other two titles to crown seven airplay lists each: Pharrell Williams' "Happy," in 2014, and Adele's "Hello," in 2015-16. Joining "Feel" with six-packs of airplay chart No. 1s are eight other songs (six of which added No. 1 runs on R&B-based rankings): Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" (2005); Mary J. Blige's "Be Without You" (2006); Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," featuring T.I. and Pharrell (2013); John Legend's "All of Me"(2014); Nico & Vinz's "Am I Wrong" (2014); Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" (2014); Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk!," featuring Bruno Mars (2015); and, another ubiquitous 2017 hit: Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's "Despacito," featuring Justin Bieber (which led three Latin airplay charts in addition to Radio Songs, Pop Songs and Dance/Mix Show Airplay). Of those elite 12 songs to top at least six airplay charts, Gotye's "Somebody" and Portugal. The Man's "Feel" are the only hits to count commands on Alternative Songs among its reigns. (Billboard)

JAY-Z to Receive 2018 Grammy Salute to Industry Icons Award. At 47, JAY-Z has emerged as a perennial powerhouse in the realm of music. His unblemished resume on the rap front combined with his business acumen will be recognized at the 2018 Pre-Grammy Gala, where he'll be presented with the Grammy Salute to Industry Icons Award. On Jan. 27, the 4:44 wordsmith will be presented his award at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel the night before the 60th annual Grammy Awards. "We are absolutely thrilled and delighted to honor JAY-Z with this year's GRAMMY Salute to Industry Icons Award. His contributions as an industry trailblazer and music visionary only begin to touch on the tremendous impact he's made both in entertainment and beyond," said Neil Portnow, president/ceo of the Recording Academy. "JAY-Z also embodies the vibrant spirit of New York City and we couldn't imagine a more fitting honoree as we return to Manhattan for this year's GRAMMY Awards." Co-host of the Pre-Grammy Gala, Clive Davis, echoed Portnow's sentiments. "JAY-Z is a quintessential icon and I couldn't be happier and more excited to share the evening with him," he said. "What a night this will be!" For JAY-Z, his laundry list of accomplishments ranges from his launch of Roc Nation Sports, which boasts a line-up featuring Kevin Durant and Robinson Cano, birthing his Made in America Festival, and recently, being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. In addition, Hov's philanthropic work has been highly documented through his Shawn Carter Foundation, which works to further education for those with socio-economic hardships. (Billboard)


Andy Dick Fired From Movie Over Sexual Harassment Claims. Though the 51-year-old actor denies he groped anyone, he does admit to other inappropriate behavior: "I might have kissed somebody on the cheek to say goodbye and then licked them. That's my thing." Andy Dick has been dropped from the independent feature film Raising Buchanan following accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct on set. The Hollywood Reporter was not able to reach any of the alleged victims, however, two sources detailed Dick's inappropriate behavior, which included groping people's genitals, unwanted kissing/licking and sexual propositions of at least four members of the production. It's unclear if those involved were actors or crew. Late Monday, THR spoke to Dick, who confirmed he was let go from his small role in the film. Though he vehemently denied groping claims, he said it's possible that he licked people and he confirmed that he did make advances on others. To anyone who has followed Dick's legal troubles, his well-documented history of outlandish comedy and often intentionally offensive behavior, his dismissal may not come as a surprise. But the claims can be seen as more unsettling in today's cultural climate in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. (Or ousted figures like Bill O'Reilly, Amazon Studios' Roy Price, political journalist Mark Halperin, The Loud House creator Chris Savino, and the list goes on.) Dick said he's aware of his reputation. At first, he made light of the situation, joking that "my middle name is 'misconduct.' They know what they signed up for." However, he followed up with a denial that he ever groped anyone on set. "I don't grope people anymore. I don't expose myself anymore," he said by telephone. (Also well-documented is his history of exposing his genitals in public and on stage.) "I do understand that the temperature in the world right now is delicate." He claimed that the temperature on set in Arizona was delicate, too, and that he contributed to that by bringing up Weinstein. "Can I tell you my side of it," Dick then asked before asserting that the filmmakers could've been upset that he was talking about or perhaps defending Weinstein, with whom he made two films. "They were so incensed by what I was saying. People are so sensitive," he said, without elaborating on exactly what he said. Written and directed by Bruce Dellis, the Raising Buchanan stars Rene Auberjonois, Amanda Melby, Shannon Whirry and M. Emmet Walsh in the story of a woman who steals the corpse of former U.S. President James Buchanan (Auberjonois) hoping to land a ransom, but it seems that nobody is interested in getting the body back. Joe Gruberman is the sole producer on the project and when reached by THR, he declined to comment on the situation. Dick's small gig on the film seemed to go off the rails from the start. He showed up one day late to the set after missing his flight in Los Angeles. He hadn't memorized his lines and he'd brought a male friend to the set who caused a disturbance by falling asleep and snoring during the filming, sources say. He addressed all of the above in the interview even if, he said, groping never occurred. "I didn't grope anybody. I might have kissed somebody on the cheek to say goodbye and then licked them. That's my thing -- I licked Carrie Fisher at a roast. It's me being funny. I'm not trying to sexually harass people," he continued. "I didn't grab anybody's genitals," he said, but he did not deny that he propositioned others. "Of course I'm going to proposition people. I'm single, depressed, lonely and trying to get a date. They can just say no, and they probably did and then I was done." One of the sources on set questioned Dick's sobriety and claimed that he appeared and acted as if he were intoxicated. Dick has been to rehab more than a dozen times, and has been transparent in the past about his long and tumultuous battle with substance abuse. A Vice profile, published a year ago, opened with this sentence: "Gropings, genital exposures, grand theft: Andy Dick's litany of offenses to society is long and egregious." While the story noted the "trail of destruction and bemusement Dick left in his wake, fueled by alcohol, cocaine, and an utter inability to keep his hands to himself," the Jemayel Khawaja-written piece included one major piece of positive news -- that Dick was two years sober. THR questioned Dick about his sobriety, and he claimed to be sober despite a medication mix-up. "I overtook my medication and took too many Xanax and I was a bit loopy (on set). That didn't make me rape people. I really don't get it. I'm always trying to be funny and trying to get a date. I still don't have a date. I am on Tinder and I'm looking," he said. Dick contends that part of his problem is he's 51 and unaware of what the rules are for proper behavior. "I don't know the difference between sexual harassment and trying to get a date. In the '70s, all the girlfriends I got was by kissing and licking their cheek. I don't know anymore," he said. "There were beautiful women and beautiful guys on the set. I flirt with them. I might kiss someone on the set and ask them to go to dinner. They are the ones that took it south." He also claims that the man who was caught snoring on the set was his friend Paul Ryder, the bass player from the British band Happy Mondays. Ryder is his "sober companion," though if he was snoring, it's possible that "he overdid his medication, too," Dick added. "He's sober and I'm sober. He's sitting with me right now. He's my best friend. I didn't hear him snore but I have bad ears." Ryder then spoke up in the background, telling THR: "I never saw him grope." Dick ended the call by saying that if he continues to run into allegations of misconduct, he will retire. But he's not quite ready for that yet as he's still got a slew of projects lined up and he was eager to promote his new documentary, Everybody Has an Andy Dick Story. He ended this most recent chapter by saying that he's learned his lesson. "I won't do it anymore," he said. "I won't lick anyone's face anymore. We have an agreement." (Hollywood Reporter)

'Shape of Water,' 'Battle of the Sexes' to Close Cameimage. The international cinematography festival runs Nov. 11-18 in Poland. Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water and Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris' Battle of the Sexes will be presented at the closing gala of Camerimage. Shape of Water cinematographer Dan Laustsen will be on hand to introduce del Toro's film, during the 25th anniversary of the international cinematography festival, which runs Nov. 11-18 it Bydgoszcz, Poland. A fairy tale set in Cold War era America, Shape of Water stars Sally Hawkins, Octavia Spencer, Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, Michael Stuhlbarg and Doug Jones. Lensed by Linus Sandgren (who earlier this year won an Oscar for La La Land), Battle of the Sexes is based on the 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King, played by Emma Stone; and Bobby Riggs, portrayed by Steve Carell. Two-time Oscar winning cinematographer John Toll will receive the Camerimage Lifetime Achievement Award during the festival. (Hollywood Reporter)

Harvey Weinstein just got the death penalty from the Producers Guild of America. The PGA announced Monday ... "In light of Mr. Weinstein's widely reported behavior ... the Producers Guild's National Board has voted unanimously to enact a lifetime ban." The guild had begun the process of ending his membership 2 weeks ago, but was willing to give Weinstein until Nov. 6 to plead his case before a final verdict. The PGA said Weinstein forfeited that opportunity ... and as a result, they dropped the hammer early. As we reported, Weinstein plans to continue making movies, but he won't have the guild's backing if he's successful in doing so. (TMZ)


Why The Flash Feels Like a Whole New Show in Season 4. The Flash promised us it was lightening up in season four, and it has delivered. The three episodes that have aired so far have been The Flash at its funniest, its silliest, and its quickest, highlighting both the absurdity of this world filled with wacky superpowers and the sweetness of the relationships at its core. After how dark and angsty last season got, it's like it's a completely different show, which is entirely on purpose. "My goal for the year was that people would think I got fired and they brought somebody new on," executive producer Andrew Kreisberg joked to reporters after a screening of this week's episode. "I think there's a public perception that we felt like we needed to make a course correction after last season, and for us it was really that we just don't want to keep doing the same thing that we've always done." Kreisberg also rejects the idea that season four is more like season one, since season one was pretty damn dark too (and did not include any Risky Business dances, marble tripping, or suit inflating). "I think people are misremembering how dark season one was. You know, it was about avenging the death of Barry's mother and his father was in jail," he said. "So when we were sitting down for this season, we just thought that like it wasn't going to get any darker than it got last season with the possible death of Iris and the death of HR and Barry's future doppelganger as the villain, so we just wanted to do something new and do something fun." He says that right now, with everything going on in the world, people are craving less darkness and a little more fun. "It's a tough world, and having 42 minutes of just pure, unadulterated joy, I think, is something people are keen for," he said. In trying to bring us that joy, the writers took inspiration from a certain beloved movie franchise when putting this season together. "Our sort of goal was like, if the first three seasons were Raiders of the Lost Ark, this season was Last Crusade, where we were actually commenting on the silliness of the show, and just wanting everybody to be having a good time," he explained. "We have a bunch of new writers this season who are all hilarious, and we have stuff coming up that...You guys are going to die." The night's episode -- which introduces a new classic comic book character, gives us a little more insight into the mind of the new big bad, and also guest stars Danny Trejo as Gypsy's (Jessica Camacho) no-nonsense father -- is no exception to this new rule of The Flash, so you're probably not going to want to miss it. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW. (Eonline)

House of Cards Spinoff Reportedly In The Works At Netflix. It's time for a new regime. Following the news that the upcoming sixth season would be its last, House of Cards is eyeing a spinoff at Netflix, according to reports. As first reported by Variety, there are a few ideas in the mix, with one the centering on fan-favorite chief-of-staff Doug Stamper, played by Michael Kelly, who has appeared in all five seasons and has earned three Emmy nominations in the role. The drama would be written by Eric Roth, who served as an executive producer on the first four seasons of HoC. Per Variety, two other ideas are also being considered, and all would take place in the same political universe as the original show. Netflix announced on Monday that House of Cards would be ending just after Star Trek Discovery star Anthony Rapp accused star Kevin Spacey of making untoward sexual advances towards him when he was only 14 years old. Soon after, Spacey released a statement, apologizing to Rapp for his "deeply inappropriate drunken behavior" and coming out as gay. In a joint statement given to E! News, both Netflix and House of Cards producer Media Rights Capital said they "are deeply troubled by last night's news concerning Kevin Spacey. In response to last night's revelations, executives from both of our companies arrived in Baltimore this afternoon to meet with our cast and crew to ensure that they continue to feel safe and supported. As previously scheduled, Kevin Spacey is not working on set at this time." House of Cards premiered in 2013, and became one of Netflix's first hit series, earning 46 Emmy nominations and six wins to date. Production on the final 13 episodes of the series is currently underway, with executive producers Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese, who took over for departing creator Beau Willimon last year, are expected to return as showrunners. Netflix has yet to respond to E! News' request for comment. House of Cards' final season will debut in 2018 on Netflix. (Eonline)

Another Grey's Anatomy Discharge: Charting the ABC Hit's Leading Cause of Series Regular Department. Grey's Anatomy lost another one. Two seasons after joining the long-running ABC hit as a quasi-replacement for Patrick Dempsey, Martin Henderson checked out of Grey Sloan Memorial for good, with his character Nathan Riggs running off to Los Angeles (giving us shades of Addison Montgomery) now that he'd been reunited with his long-lost (and presumed dead) love, Megan Hunt. While the departure came as a surprise, perhaps what was most surprising was that Riggs was offered a happy ending as he was written out of the series. As fans of Grey's know all too well, Shonda Rhimes doesn't hand those out all too often. As we say goodbye to Riggs (and Henderson's Kiwi good looks), we're looking back on all the ways Grey's has gotten rid of main characters over the years. And the leading cause of departure just may surprise you... Riggs' move down south, there's now a tie for leading cause of departure between dead and moved when the Grey's Anatomy writers write a main character out of the series. Of course, on the dead side, we have T.R. Knight's George O'Malley, who was the show's first series regular to die, after George was shockingly hit by a bus in the season five finale. Knight said he asked to be written out after a gradual "breakdown of communication" between Rhimes and himself that began with former co-star Isaiah Washington (more about his departure in a second) used a gay slur on set in reference to Knight and was subsequently fired, which led to a lack of screen time and pressure against his coming out of the closet. "There just comes a time when it's so clear that moving on is the best decision," he told Entertainment Weekly at the time. Rhimes disputed Knight's claims, especially that she pressured him to stay in the closet. ""I said, 'If you want to come out, that's awesome. We'll totally support that.' And then he went away, thought about it, and came back and said, 'I'm going to make this statement,'" she told the magazine. The nest major main character deaths would come courtesy of season eight's big plane crash, which claimed the lives of both Chyler Leigh's Lexie and Eric Dane's Sloan. As Leigh told E! News at the time, she'd decided season eight would be her last. "I met with Shonda and we worked together to give Lexie's story appropriate closure," she said. Rhimes echoed that on Twitter, writing, "We had a lot of thoughtful discussion about it and ultimately we both decided this was the right time for her character's journey to end." Dane's fate was kept up in the air all summer long, though his departure from the series had already been announced. In July of 2012, Dane and Rhimes confirmed his impending exit, with Rhimes telling TVLine that the actor "did not come to this decision lightly, but after much consideration and conversations, he and I have decided that this is the right time for his storyline to end." He appeared in two episodes of season nine before his character succumbed to his injuries and passed away. The show's next main character death, arguably its biggest one ever, would come two seasons later when Patrick Dempsey's Derek Shepherd was killed off in a surprising fashion after 11 seasons as the show's male lead. After rescuing stranded motorists from a car accident right before their car exploded, Derek stopped briefly in his car to answer the phone and was struck by a semi-truck and declared brain dead before Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) could get to the hospital to say goodbye. Dempsey had been vocal about wanting to leave the series, but had just signed a new two-year deal to keep him on the show through season 12, so Derek's death really came out of nowhere (despite being spoiled 30 minutes before the episode aired). "It just sort of evolved. It just kind of happened," he told EW at the time. "[Being written off] was something that was kind of surprising and uh, just naturally came to be. I like the way it has all played out. For Rhimes, killing Derek was the only way she could see a future for the show without Dempsey on it. "The decision to have the character die the way that he did was not a difficult one in the sense of what were the options?" she told reporters at the 2015 Summer TCA press tour. "Either Derek was going to walk out on Meredith, and leave her high and dry, and what was that going to mean? That was going to suggest that the love was not true, the thing we had said for 11 years was a lie and McDreamy wasn't McDreamy. For me, that was untenable... Because I really couldn't have the idea that he just turned out to be a bad guy who walked out on his wife and kids be a true story. To me, it felt like that was the only way to make Meredith and Derek's magic remain true and forever frozen in time." The first main character who got to simply move away, usually for some sort of happy ending, was Sandra Oh's Cristina Yang. Another OG cast member like Dempsey, Oh announced ahead of the season 10 premiere that the season would be her last, giving fans time to say goodbye to the character. "Creatively, I really feel like I gave it my all, and I feel ready to let her go," she told THR at the time. "It's such an interesting thing to play a character for so long and to actually get the sense that she wants to be let go as well. [Cristina] wants to be let go, and I am ready to let her go. We have to start the process, story-wise, for the Grey's writers to think of why she's going to go." Rhimes would eventually send Cristina off to Zurich, Switzerland, where Preston Burke (Washington), the man who once left her at the altar, was running a hospital and looking for his replacement, offering her his job as head of the hospital. And in her departure, she took Gaius Charles' Shane Ross with her. Sara Ramirez's Callie Torres would get the next move, at the end of season 12, when she decided to follow her girlfriend Penny across the country to NYC. "I'm deeply grateful to have spent the last 10 years with my family at Grey's Anatomy & ABC but for now I'm taking some welcome time off," Ramirez tweeted the night her final episode aired. "Shonda's been so incredible to work for and we will definitely continue our conversations! I send my Love to Ellen, the rest of the cast & crew, and I look forward to always being a part of the Shondaland family!" While other characters were written out by either being fired (Kim Raver's Teddy and Tessa Ferrer's Murphy), quitting (Jerrika Hinton's Edwards and Brooke Smith's Hahn), or, in the case of lucky Kate Walsh, whose character Addison landed her own show, being spun-off, there was one method of departure that Rhimes seemingly reserves for only her most tense actor-creator relationships. We're talking about the Burke and Izzie's (Katherine Heigl) complete and utter ghosting. After Washington found himself persona non grata amongst much of the cast during the third season when a rumor surfaced that he'd referred to still-closeted Knight by a crass gay slur during an argument with Washington, he made matters worse back stage at the 2007 Golden Globes after the show won Best Drama when, fielding press inquiries, he said, ""No, I did not call T.R. a f----t." In the season three finale, Burke would leave Cristina at the altar, taking all his belongings from their apartment, and not be seen or heard from for quite some time thanks to ABC's decision to terminate him in June. He would later reprise his role during Oh's farewell season, with Burke popping up to offer Cristina her happy ending. The beginning of Heigl's end came when, after the 2008-09 season, she refused to submit herself for Emmy consideration, claiming she didn't feel the material she'd received warranted a nomination. While Rhimes downplayed the slight, many expected that Heigl would be killed off when Izzie was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic melanoma. She would survive and marry Alex (Justin Chambers), only to return very sporadically in season six, finally requesting to be released from her contract 18 months early. The last words she would ever utter on camera were in response to Meredith asking her not to leave, reminding her this is her home. "No it's not," she says. "Not anymore. It's just a place I worked and I can do that anywhere." Over the years, Heigl would flip flop on whether she was open to returning to the series to offer some closure to the character, initially telling MTV in 2010 that it would "just feel manipulative." She changed her tune in 2012, however, telling E! News, "I told them I want to...I really, really, really want to see where [Izzie] is. I just want to know what happened to her and where she went and what she's doing now." Rhimes, however, isn't here for it. "No," she told TVLine in 2015. "I'm done with that story. I've turned that idea over in my mind a thousand times and thought about how it would go. And I don't think so." Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC. (Eonline)

The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences-one of the groups behind the Emmys-will not go through with a planned award for Kevin Spacey, in light of sexual misconduct allegations against him, officials said Monday. Spacey has come under fire after Rapp accused Spacey of trying to take advantage of him years ago, when Rapp was just 14. "The International Academy has announced today that in light of recent events it will not honor Kevin Spacey with the 2017 International Emmy Founders Award," according to a statement from the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. The group in June had announced it was going to honor the "House of Cards" star Spacey with the International Emmys Founders Award. The honor was to be bestowed during a Nov. 20 gala in New York. (Page Six)

Conan O'Brien's Team Coco Reveals Comedians Participating in "Comics to Watch" Showcase. A few of the up-and-coming stand-ups will also get a spot performing on TBS' 'Conan.' Conan O'Brien's Team Coco and the New York Comedy Festival have revealed the talented young stand-up comedians set to participate in this year's eighth annual "Comics to Watch" stand-up showcase. Following an exhaustive search, the comedians participating in the showcase in front of industry executives and comedy fans are: Chloe Radcliffe (Minneapolis), Colin Lewis (Edgewater, N.J.), Dina Hashem (Iselin, N.J.), Erica Spera (Endwell, NY), Ivan Decker (Vancouver), Jaboukie Young-White (Chicago), JC Currais (Gainesville, Fla.), Jordan Temple (Queens, N.Y.), Kellen Erskine (Los Angeles), Khalid Rahmaan (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Michael Longfellow (Phoenix) and Rocky Dale Davis (Brookwood, Ala.). This year, for the first time, a select few of the "Comics to Watch" comedians will receive a spot performing on TBS' Conan. Comics to Watch alumni include Michael Che, Ali Wong, Brooks Whelan, Tonight Show writers Jo Firestone and Josh Johnson and Andrew Santino from Showtime's I'm Dying Up Here. The New York Comedy Festival event, featuring the best new talent from across the U.S. and Canada selected by producers from Team Coco, will take place Saturday, Nov. 11, at 6 p.m. at Carolines on Broadway and at the TBS comedy hub and the new Public hotel. The New York Comedy Festival, presented in association with TBS and produced by Carolines on Broadway, is set to take place Nov. 7-12. (Hollywood Reporter)

Diane Lane Joins Matthew Weiner's Amazon Series 'The Romanoffs'. The 'Unfaithful' actress will guest-star in Amazon's individual episodic anthology series. Matthew Weiner is adding another actress to the cast of The Romanoffs. Diane Lane will join the Amazon anthology series as a guest star in one of the episodes. The show is set around the globe featuring separate stories about people who believe themselves to be descendants of the Russian royal family. The Mad Men showrunner created, wrote and produced the series, and will direct all of the episodes as well. Lane joins the previously announced cast, which includes Isabelle Huppert, Aaron Eckhart, Christina Hendricks, John Slattery, Jack Huston, Amanda Peet, Marthe Keller, Corey Stoll, Andrew Rannells, Paul Reiser, Janet Montgomery, Mike Doyle and JJ Feild. In addition to Weiner, the series is executive produced and written by Semi Chellas (Mad Men). Kriss Turner Towner (The Bernie Mac Show), Blake McCormick (Mad Men) and Kathy Ciric (Z: The Beginning of Everything) serve as co-executive producers. Lane received an Academy Award, Emmy and Golden Globe nomination for her starring role as an adulterous wife in Unfaithful. Her other credits include Paris Can Wait, Under the Tuscan Sun, Nights in Rodanthe and The Outsiders. In November, she'll reprise her role as Martha Kent, mother of Superman (Henry Cavill), in Justice League. Diane Lane is repped by UTA; Bridges is repped by CAA and MGMT Entertainment. (Hollywood Reporter)

Showtime Says 'The Affair' Actress Shouldn't Complain About Being Called a "Sexytime Double". Fighting a lawsuit from a body double hired for the series, the network's attorneys try a 'Dunkirk' analogy. Showtime's lawyers apparently didn't get the memo that this may be a good time to treat sexual harassment claims extra sensitively. Check out the arguments being presented in a lawsuit from Ashlynn Alexander, an actress who was hired as Ruth Wilson's body double on the The Affair. Alexander claims she was fired after complaining of sexual harassment by an assistant director on set. Specifically, Alexander says she was humiliated when a call sheet described her as "Alison Sexytime Double." Seeing herself reduced as a sexual object, Alexander voiced objection. A few days later, she received notice that she was no longer needed for The Affair for the alleged reason that she was not a good hair match with Wilson. Alexander, who says she wore a wig for her role, is now suing for retaliation and discrimination. On Monday, Showtime and Possible Productions brought a motion to either compel arbitration or dismiss the complaint outright. The defendants see the objectionable description as completely appropriate. "To the extent the Call Sheet refers to 'Alison sexy time' at all, that reference appears in the 'Instructions' portion of the Call Sheet, which contains detailed instructions on props, sound, set dress, location, hair, and makeup, the purpose of which is to ensure that the set and actors are made up appropriately for the scene about to be filmed," states the defendants' court brief. "It would make no sense, for instance, for an actor portraying a dying soldier on the beaches of Dunkirk to be dressed up for a fashion show, freshly showered, clean shaven and coiffed." Showtime then adds that Alexander "can therefore scarcely complain that the hair and makeup instructions in question provided that the Alison character be made up for 'sexy time' when the scene in question involved intimate close-up shots of Alison engaged in simulated sexual intercourse, particularly when that was precisely the scene for which Plaintiff was hired." The defendant also includes as an exhibit the "Nudity and Simulated Sex Rider" that Alexander allegedly executed when agreeing to the role as body double. Later in the court brief, Showtime argues to the judge that Alexander hasn't adequately pled the elements of a discrimination claim. The cable network's attorneys at Willkie Farr & Gallagher write, "Leaving aside the utter implausibility of Plaintiff's contention that she was 'humiliated' by the reference to 'Alison sexy time' in the instructions portion of the Call Sheet, the Complaint does not allege any facts from which the Court can infer that the phrase 'sexy time' was included in the Call Sheet because Plaintiff is a woman." (Italics in the court brief.) Showtime says the dispute deserves to be arbitrated because Alexander's daily hire contract contains a broad arbitration provision, but if the judge doesn't accept that, the defendants are additionally arguing that Alexander's complaint to her superior wasn't sufficient to put producers on notice that she was engaging in a protected activity. It's added that Showtime and Possible Productions owed her no additional employment once the filming of a sex scene concluded. (Hollywood Reporter)

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