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Did you name a new baby this year? Well let's see how you stack up. BabyCenter released its list of the 100 most popular baby names of 2017 yesterday, and while Sophia and Jackson took the top spots for the eighth and fifth years in row respectively, a few more unique names made big jumps. BabyCenter's list of popular names comes from more than 500,000 babies born to parents registered on its website, unlike the official list from the Social Security Administration, which comes from birth certificates. Here are BabyCenter's top 10 names for boys and girls born in 2017:




Behave Yourself People!

You know when you go abroad you can't act like the dumb American you are over here. The State Department continually cautions US travelers to understand foreign laws before you visit-a warning that one San Diego couple apparently failed to heed before arriving in Thailand, where a "butt selfie" has landed them in prison. A photo posted to Instagram and Twitter showed Joseph and Travis Dasilva, both 38, posing at Bangkok's Wat Arun temple with their backsides bared, in violation of laws demanding respect of the Buddhist religion. The men were put on a watch list after the photo was spotted by authorities and they were then detained Tuesday as they tried to leave the country from Bangkok's Don Mueang airport. The rep says the men will be charged with public nudity, which carries a fine of up to $153 each. But they could also face more serious charges. A city commissioner in San Diego says the pair are in contact, adding, "I am talking to US government officials to see what assistance we can give them." (BBC)

Lady Bird Must Be One Heck of a Movie

The early reviews of the movie Lady Bird were fantastic, and that track record is holding up in unprecedented fashion. The movie written and directed by Greta Gerwig has just notched a record on Rotten Tomatoes. It had 170 reviews as of Tuesday afternoon and yet still maintained a 100% positive rating from critics. Audiences have been a little less kind, at 87%. There are a few other movies with a 100% rating, but none with so many reviews. Now in second place is Toy Story 2, which has 163 reviews. Gerwig said, "This is completely amazing and so incredibly appreciated by the entire team that made Lady Bird. We are all on cloud nine and using our tomato emoji more than we ever thought possible." (Rotten Tomatoes)

When Doctors Screw You

Want to know how ridiculous our healthcare system is? Talk to Margaret O'Neill, whose 5-year-old was scheduled for an outpatient procedure at Children's Hospital Colorado that involved snipping a band of tissue under her tongue. The surgeon suggested that, as a treat, the girl's ears be pierced while she was under. O'Neill agreed, expecting it to be a sweet freebie. Then came the bill: $1,877.86 for "operating room services" tied to the piercing. She fought the bill, which insurance wouldn't cover, and ultimately she won. The best part of all- one hole was askew so it had to be re-pierced at the mall-for $30! (ProPublica)

Bone Treats For Your Dog? Maybe Not!

You know those big rawhide bones your dog loves so much? Yeah, you might want to check the Food and Drug Administration's latest announcement. They could be a health hazard for our four-legged friends. This is based on reports submitted to the FDA that indicate about 90 dogs have been sickened, with at least 15 deaths, after gnawing on these commercially prepared items, which the agency didn't ID by brand. The reports, sent in by both pet owners and veterinarians, said some of the medical issues have included digestive blockages, choking, diarrhea, vomiting, and cuts and other injuries in the mouth. Seven reports focused on product issues: treats that splintered upon being chewed as well as "moldy-appearing bones." The FDA warning says it's also important to keep pups away from chicken bones and other bones you may have cooked with, as they can cause injury as well. (FDA)

You Just Had to Post on Instagram Didn't You!

In Russia, a dentist just ditched her husband after she went on Instagram and saw something very familiar on another woman's account-the view from her own bedroom! Yulia Agranovych saw the picture with the caption "City Lights" on an account belonging to Vlada Abramovich. Naturally her interest was piqued so she continued looking through the account, discovering pictures of her husband, Nazar Grynko. So she commented under the photo writing: "beautiful view from my husband's bedroom!" She then confronted her husband, who denied adultery, telling Yulia that he had invited friends round for drinks before going to the cinema while she was away. He told her that the woman was in fact his friend's girlfriend. But Yulia's research unearthed other women who had been with her husband and now she's getting a divorce. She later said, "Many women supported me, posting that they were proud of my bravery, that I openly discussed it with irony and sarcasm, so now they are ready to get rid of their unfaithful men too." (Metro)

What the What?

Restorers of an 18th century wooden statue of Jesus Christ have reportedly found a secret note that a priest hid in... well... the Messiah's rear end! The note dates back to 1777 and is signed by Joaquin Minguez, priest of the cathedral of Burgo de Osma at the time. The document names the statue's sculptor and includes information about local practices such as farming and community affairs as well as common diseases, popular children's games and even the names of successful bullfighters of the time. Da Vinci Restauro said the references indicate its author intended for the note to act as a time capsule for future generation. And what better place to hide in than in Jesus' tushy! (Daily Mail)


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