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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


"High Blood Pressure Causes Hypertension!"

Trash! Only in the way that migraines cause headaches.

"Judge Tells Man to Take Off His Hat-Cocaine Falls Out!"
Truth! So 43-year-old Juan Jose Vidrio Bibriesca was promptly walked straight back to the county jail and he now faces new charges of narcotics possession and another bond violation.

"Pepsi Introduces Salted Caramel Soda!"
Truth! Yep-just in time for the holidays and, despite its apparently disgustingly sweet taste, is ironically reported to have less sugar than original Pepsi.

"Weight Watchers Introduces Diet Scotch!"
Trash! Diet wine, yes. Scotch, no. Baby steps, people.

"Pope Tells Catholics to Put Away the Cell Phones in Church!"
Truth! Apparently it happens a lot and Pope Francis is calling it a "very ugly thing."

"The Ghost of Judy Garland Actually Hates Rainbows!"
Trash! But the Cowardly Lion is afraid of them.

"Bob Costas Says Football Will Soon Collapse Like a House of Cards!"
Truth! Hard to imagine America without football, but Costas says it's unsustainable unless they get this CTE stuff figured out.

"Beer Pong is Newest Olympic Sport at the Winter Games!"
Trash! C'mon, if anything, it would be at the Summer Games.

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