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Thursday, November 30, 2017


When you use the words "weekend," "voicemail," "driving," "okay" or a four-letter word that rhymes with "hit" in your work e-mails, chances are you're sending that message to your boss -- or even higher up the org chart. There are certain words and phrases we use in work e-mails that are actually reliable indicators of whether that correspondence is going to someone higher or lower in the corporate hierarchy, according to a study by Georgia Tech researchers. Led by Eric Gilbert, and after an exhaustive analysis, Gilbert was able to identify the top 100 words that reliably predicted whether e-mails traveled up or down the corporate ladder.

The top 5 upward predictors:
the ability to
I took
are available
thought you would

Other words and phrases of note that are upward predictors include: Europe, a decision, tigers, please change, a discussion, the calendar, excellent, sounds good and February. The top 5 downward predictors:
have you been
you gave
we are in
need in

Other words and phrases of note that are downward predictors include: Funny, I hope you, this week and, problem with, forgot to, can you help, let's talk and please send.

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