The one expression that friends, family, even strangers notice about you is your smile and it reveals lots of information about you:
  • You only show your upper teeth as your smile slowly appears and the corners of your mouth curl -- You're a generous, compassionate and loving person. You remember all the family's important occasions and dates. Your happy, tranquil disposition makes you a natural at dispensing solid advice and confidence to friends and loved ones. They know you'll offer all the support they need to succeed. 
  • You press your lips together and your smile is slightly crooked and higher on one side than the other -- The left side of the brain controls the right side of your body and vice versa. So if the right side of your smile is up, your logical self is in control, while the left denotes the more emotional side of you is in charge. This mix of pragmatism and sensitivity makes you a combination of Yin and Yang that charms friends and family alike. 
  • You keep it small and show fewer teeth while the corners of your mouth turn slightly downward -- You often don't realize that your smile isn't that big. That's because you're so comfortable in your own skin that you believe your emotions show plainly on your face. You're an analytical person who carefully weighs a situation before you react. But when you smile, you're definitely showing genuine happiness. 
  • You have a full smile that appears and disappears very quickly as you look people in the eye -- Your full smile denotes surefire confidence in yourself and your goals. You charge straight into life, living every moment with enthusiasm and encouraging others to do the same. Your high energy and faith in yourself attracts passionate supporters. They know that being in your circle will make them winners, too. 
  • You show nearly every tooth in your head with a smile that lifts your entire face -- Your impetuous, blinding smile is a symbol of your charismatic personality. You have a quicksilver intelligence, and you easily convince others to share your perspective with clever arguments. The openness of your smile also represents your forthright spirit you don't play games and your word is your bond.


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