My Thoughts About Television's Early Years, When TV's Were Repaired With TV Tubes!

One of my friends on Facebook asked, Who remembers tv tubes in a television. I have to confess I do! Let me share a story....I remember the poor TV repairman who came to our house with two body size suitcases full of tv tubes. I guess he had to love his job. But I believe he would have had a better retirement outside of a wheelchair if transistors would have appeared on the market earlier. I'm sure he didn't look back at the good old days! He had such strong arms for such a very short man! He amazed me as a kid, we didn't have video games back then, so we had to get our thrills where we could. I have to say watching him taking his shit out of his station wagon was thrilling especially in the snow! Climbing our stairs with those body boxes was like conquering Mount Everest! What A Guy! That's What Makes America Great! :)


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