Men's Health asked, "What is in The Above-Average Guy's closet: 

  • 64% of men say large closets are a high priority when choosing a home 
  • 32% of men have a current castle with killer walk-ins 
  • 19 is the number of never worn shirts, pants, jackets, and other clothing items the average guy has on hand 
  • 37% of men say they bought those clothes just because they were on sale 
  • 67% of men typically buy new clothes only to replace worn out items 
  • 65% of women think their man's wardrobe needs a makeover 
  • 37% of men keep five or fewer pairs of shoes loafing around 
  • 39% of men hang on to clothes that are too small in case they lose weight, 9% of those optimists are keeping more than 10 slimmer than them items 
  • 70% of men feel underdressed most of the time 
  • 6% of men still have clothes from high school 
  • 6% of men say that an old logo jersey is the most ancient artifact in their collection 
  • 83% of men hid stuff in their closets when they were kids; the top three thins in their childhood vault were porn, toys, and cash 
  • 38% of men would be willing to give up watching sports for a better wardrobe 
  • 1 to 5 is the number of ties the average guy owns; he organizes his neck nooses by color, wearing frequency, and shirts they go with 
  • 50% of men say their clothing accurately reflects their personality 
  • 32% of women have secretly thrown away something from their mate's closet 
  • 10% of men have used their ample closet space to have sex 
  • A weeding is the tope reason a man adds a new suit to his inventory 
  • $2,804 is the price the average homeowner would pay to have a closet renovated into an Armani-worthy chamber


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