Born On This Day...

In 1644 Astronomer, Olaus Roemer (measured the speed of light)
In 1683 French Composer, Jean Philloppe Rameau
In 1725 Engineer, Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot (designed, built first automobile)
In 1728 Poet/author/playwright, Mercy Otis Warren
In 1807 Inventor, Alfred Vail (telegraph pioneer with Samuel F.B. Morse)
In 1832 Architect, William Le Baron Jenney (developed skyscrapers)
In 1843 Inventor, Melville Reuben Bissell (the carpet sweeper)
In 1843 Geologist/educator, Thomas Chamberlin (planetesimal hypothesis)
In 1887 Tennis player, May Sutton Bundy (first woman to win Wimbledon)
In 1897 American novelist, William Faulkner (The Sound and the Fury)
In 1903 Abstract painter, Mark Rothko (Green on Blue) [d: 2-25-70]
In 1905 Sports columnist, Red Smith (won Pulitzer Prize) [d: 1-15-82]
In 1906 Russian composer, Dmitri Shostakovich [d: 8-9-75]
In 1909 Publisher, John V. Dodge (Encyclopedia Britannica) [d: 4-23-91]
In 1917 Baseball player, Johnny Sain (Boston) [d: 11-7-06]
In 1918 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Phil Rizzuto (Yankees-MVP 1950) [d: 8-13-07]
In 1926 Actor, Aldo Ray (Naked & Dead, Green Beret) [d: 3-27-91]
In 1927 Basketball player, Carl Braun (Knicks) [d: 2-10-10]
In 1927 Conductor, Colin Rex Davis (New York Metropolitan 1967-71) [d: 4-14-13]
In 1929 English actor/comedian, Ronnie Barker (Two Ronnies) [d: 10-3-05]
In 1929 Broadcast journalist, Barbara Walters (Today Show, 20/20) (91)
In 1933 Folk singer, Erik Darling (The Rooftop Singers, The Weavers) [d: 8-3-08]
In 1933 Country singer, Ian Tyson (Ian & Sylvia) (87)
In 1934 U.S. astronaut, John S. Bull [d: 8-11-08]
In 1934 Country singer, Royce Kendall (The Kendalls) [d: 5-22-98]
In 1936 Dancer/actress, Juliet Prowse (Mona McCluskey) [d: 9-14-96]
In 1943 Singer/guitarist, Jules Alexander (Association) (77)
In 1943 Keyboardist, John Locke (Spirit) [d: 8-4-06]
In 1943 Actor, Robert Walden (Joe Rossi-Lou Grant, New Doctors) (77)
In 1944 Actor, Michael Douglas (Basic Instinct, American President) (76)
In 1945 Actress, Cathy Burns (Last Summer) [d: 2-2-19]
In 1945 Guitarist, Onnie McIntyre (Average White Band) (75)
In 1946 Actress, Felicity Kendal (Shakespeare Wallah) (74)
In 1947 Model/author, Cheryl Tiegs (The Way To Natural Beaty) (73)
In 1948 Actress, Mimi Kennedy (Homefront, Savannah, Mom) (72)
In 1949 Actor, Anson Williams (Potsie-Happy Days) (71)
In 1951 Drummer, Burleigh Drummond (Ambrosia) (69)
In 1951 Actor, Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker-Star Wars) (69)
In 1951 Basketball player, Bob McAdoo (Braves, Lakers) (69)
In 1952 Actor, Tommy Norden (Bud Ricks-Flipper) (68)
In 1952 Actor, Christopher Reeve (Superman, Somewhere in Time) [d: 10-10-04]
In 1956 Reality star, Jamie Hyneman (Mythbusters) (64)
In 1957 Actor, Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Species, Donnie Brasco) (63)
In 1961 Actress, Heather Locklear (Dynasty, Melrose Place, Spin City) (59)
In 1962 Actress, Beth Toussaint (Dallas, Savannah, Young & The Restless) (58)
In 1962 Actress, Aida Turturro (The Sopranos) (58)
In 1963 Actor, Tate Donovan (Owen-Partners) (57)
In 1963 Broadcast journalist, Keely Shaye Smith (Unsolved Mysteries) (57)
In 1964 Actress, Anita Barone (Karen-Jeff Foxworthy Show, Daddio) (56)
In 1965 Actor, Matt Battaglia (J.L. King-Days of Our Lives) (55)
In 1965 Basketball player, Scottie Pippen (Bulls) (55)
In 1966 Actor, Jason Fleming (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) (54)
In 1968 Actor/singer, Will Smith (Independence Day, Men In Black) (52)
In 1969 Actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones (Mask Of Zorro, Chicago) (51)
In 1970 Playmate, Kerri Kendall (September-1990) (50)
In 1973 Actress, Bridgette Wilson (Last Action Hero, Mortal Kombat) (47)
In 1976 Actress, Charlotte Ayanna (Training Day, Kate & Leopold) (44)
In 1980 Actor, Chris Owen (October Sky) (40)
In 1981 Actor, Van Hansis (Luke Snyder-As the World Turns) (39)
In 1981 Actor, Lee Norris (Torkelsons, Boy Meets World, One Tree Hill) (39)
In 1983 Actor, Donald Glover (Community, The Martian, Solo) (37)
In 1984 Actress, Annabelle Wallis (The Tudors, X-Men: First Class) (36)
In 1989 Actress, Alexis Manta (Amanda-All My Children) (31)
In 1995 Singer, Ryan Beatty ("Hey LA") (25)
In 1995 Mexican singer, Sofia Reyes ("Muevelo") (25)


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