Born On This Day...

In 1422 English author/printer, William Caxton (Histories of Troy)
In 1625 Physician, Erasmus Bartholin (discovered double refraction)
In 1655 Inventor, Johann Christoph Denner (clarinet)
In 1756 Cartoonist, James Gillray (satire George III of England, Napoleon)
In 1814 Physicist/astronomer, Anders Angstrom (study of light wavelengths)
In 1818 Woman's Rights pioneer, Lucy Stone
In 1860 Sharpshooter, Annie Oakley (Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show)
In 1866 Businessman, Giovanni Agnelli (founded Fiat auto company)
In 1867 Cartoonist/painter, George Luks (Hogan's Alley)
In 1888 Inventor/engineer, John Logie Baird (television)
In 1895 Actor, Bert Lahr (Cowardly Lion-The Wizard of Oz) [d: 12-4-67]
In 1898 Tennis Hall-of-Famer, Jean Borota (played in 35 Wimbeldons)
In 1899 Director, Alfred Hitchcock (The Birds, Rear Window) [d: 4-29-80]
In 1902 Actor, Regis Toomey (Mickey Rooney Show, Burke's Law) [d: 9-12-91]
In 1902 German inventor, Felix Wankel (rotary-piston engine) [d: 10-9-88]
In 1904 Actor, Charles "Buddy" Rodgers (married Mary Pickford) [d: 4-21-99]
In 1908 Actor, Gene Raymond (Red Dust, Sadie McGee) [d: 5-3-98]
In 1909 Actor, John Beal (10 Who Dare, Amityville 3D) [d: 4-26-97]
In 1912 Golf Hall-of-Famer, Ben Hogan (63 career wins) [d: 7-25-97]
In 1913 Actor, Kurt Kasznar (The Sound Of Music) [d: 8-6-79]
In 1918 British chemist, Frederick Sanger (Nobel-1958, 80) [d: 11-19-13]
In 1919 Evangelist, Rex Humbard [d: 9-21-07]
In 1919 Pianist/composer, George Shearing [d: 2-14-07]
In 1921 Actor, Neville Brand (Birdman of Alcatraz, Laredo) [d: 4-16-92]
In 1926 President of Cuba, Fidel Castro (1959-2008) [d: 11-25-16]
In 1929 Actor, Pat Harrington Jr. (Dwayne-One Day At A Time) [d: 1-6-16]
In 1930 Singer/variety show host, Don Ho [d: 4-14-07]
In 1933 U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Joycelyn Elders (1993-94) (88)
In 1933 Game show host, Jim Lange (The Dating Game) [d: 2-25-14]
In 1938 Keyboardist/composer, Dave Cortez (The Happy Organ) (83)
In 1944 Actor, Kevin Tighe (David Blalock-Murder One) (77)
In 1947 Actress, Gretchen Corbett (Beth Davenport-The Rockford Files) (74)
In 1948 Opera soprano, Kathleen Battle (73)
In 1949 Hockey player, Bobby Clarke (72)
In 1949 Bassist/singer, Clifford Fish (Paper Lace) (72)
In 1950 Actress, Jane Carr (Louise-Dear John) (71)
In 1951 Actor/comedian, Jeff Altman (Highlander II, Greg-Nurses) (70)
In 1951 Singer/composer, Dan Fogelberg (Hard To Say, Heart Hotels) [d: 12-16-07]
In 1953 Guitarist, James "Jimmy" McCullough (Wings) [d: 9-27-79]
In 1955 Golfer, Betsy King (1990 Dinah Shore, 1990 U.S. Women's Open) (66)
In 1959 Actor/air personality, Danny Bonaduce (Danny-Partridge Family) (62)
In 1961 Actress, Dawnn Lewis (A Different World, Hangin' w/Mr. Cooper) (60)
In 1962 Actor, John Slattery (Mad Men) (59)
In 1963 Dancer/singer, Angel Florez (Mickey Mouse Club 70s) (58)
In 1963 Playmate, Pamela Jean Stein (November-1987) (58)
In 1964 Keyboardist, Ian Haugland (Europe) (57)
In 1964 Actress, Debi Mazar (L.A. Law, Entourage) (57)
In 1967 Actress, Quinn Cummings (Goodbye Girl, Annie-Family) (54)
In 1970 Soccer player, Alan Shearer (51)
In 1973 Country singer, Andy Griggs (48)
In 1982 Former White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Trump) (39)
In 1982 Actor, Sebastian Stan (Captain America: The First Avenger) (39)
In 1985 Actor, Ray Diaz (East Los High) (36)
In 1985 Actress, Elcin Sangu (36)
In 1991 Basketball player, DeMarcus Cousins (Kings, Warriors) (30)
In 1998 Singer, Reece Bibby (New Hope Club) (23)
In 1999 Actor, Corey Fogelmanis (Girl Meets World) (22)
In 1999 Actress/singer, Lennon Stella (Nashville) (22)


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