• "Jet Pack Guy" has been seen flying around Los Angeles International Airport again. Pilots report seeing him zipping around at 5,000 feet.
  • A new study says eating foods rich in flavonoids could slow your cognitive decline. That would include strawberries, peppers, blueberries, oranges and celery.
  • Viewership for the Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics was down 35% from the Rio games. Overall, viewership for the actual games is down 42%. Yikes!
  • It turns out that Bob Odenkirk actually suffered a minor heart attack on the set of "Better Call Saul" last week. He's feeling better and saying thanks to the fans for their concern.
  • Shakira could be facing a tax fraud investigation in Spain. During a three-year investigation of the Colombian singer, who has a home in Barcelona, Judge Marco Juberias found "sufficient evidence of criminality," and recommended that her case go to trial. In December, 2019, she was charged for not paying 14.5 million euros (about $16 million) in taxes between in 2012 and 2014, while she lived in Spain.
  • Matt Amodio became the ninth-highest-ranking person on "Jeopardy!"'s all-time winnings list last Thursday with his seventh consecutive win, accruing $268,000 in seven outings.
  • Facebook is getting ready to introduce Rayban "Smart Glasses" with a built-in camera that would record everything you see.
  • Melinda Gates and Jeff Bezos' ex, MacKenzie Scott are teaming up to donate $40 million to support women's causes.
  • The only person who listens to both sides is the next door neighbor.
  • "Saturday Night Live" comedian Michael Che is under fire for targeting Simone Biles -- including re-posting a joke about Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics doctor who sexually abused her and dozens of other athletes.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis says that her youngest child who was their son has now become their daughter, Ruby. Jamie Lee is married to Christopher Guest.
  • We now know that Kelly Clarkson's monthly salary -- for her daytime talk show and being on "The Voice" -- is $1.9 million. So she can afford that $200,000 a month in support to her future ex-husband.
  • For the fourth consecutive week "Manifest" was the most-watched program on a major streaming service for the week of June 28-July 4, attracting 1.869 billion viewing minutes, according to Nielsen. Meanwhile, "The Tomorrow War," starring Chris Pratt, came in number 2 with 1.229 billion viewing minutes.
  • The president of the Philippines is a little more direct and perhaps too honest. He told people refusing to get a vaccine, "For all I care, you can die anytime."
  • Oprah Winfrey has sold her 43-acre waterfront estate on Washington State's Orcas Island for $14 million.
  • Season five of Netflix's "The Crown" is in production.
  • Greenland is experiencing its most significant melting event of the year as temperatures in the Arctic surge. The amount of ice that melted on Tuesday alone would be enough to cover the entire state of Florida in two inches of water. It lost more than 8.5 billion tons of surface mass on Tuesday, and 18.4 billion tons since Sunday.
  • Miranda Lambert is mourning the loss of her dog after 13 1/2 years together.
  • Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard thought they had picked out the perfect name for their daughter when she was born. Six years later, it seems that Delta wasn't that great of an idea, thanks to the latest strain of COVID.


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