Squirrel hides out in North Carolina family's Christmas tree.

A North Carolina family shared a video from the unusual festive scene that unfolded when a squirrel that entered their home tried to hide in the Christmas tree. Taylor Stading, who posted videos of the wildlife encounter to Facebook, said the squirrel entered her family's Waxhaw home through a loose roof shingle, climbed through a sink pipe opening, and emerged in an upstairs bathroom. Stading said the family dog, Dixie, chased the squirrel through the house until it hid in the Christmas tree. Stading's videos show her attempting to get the squirrel out of a nearby window while advice and commentary are offered by her kids, Colton, 11, Savannah, 8, and Caroline, 8. Stading eventually used a dust mop to push the squirrel out the window to return to the wild. Commenters online said the videos evoked memories of the famous Christmas tree squirrel from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. (UPI)


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