Truck Spills Dye For Miles On Freeways

A semi-truck driver in Oregon failed to stop despite learning that the liquid load he was hauling was leaking. The liquid splattered red-colored dye on multiple freeways and possibly other vehicles over several miles. County officials contacted the tractor truck driver, 40-year-old Junior Jean, who reported the load was a liquid used to dye mulch. Deputies learned he drove north on I-205, then took I-84 east. After another driver flagged him down, the driver stopped to inspect the leaking load. Despite the leak, the driver stated the company said to continue driving to the final destination. He traveled several miles while the liquid dye spilled out of the trailer. The Oregon DOT and State Police confirmed the spill stretched for miles on the two interstates. While the driver reported that the dye is liquid soluble (washes away when contacted by water), vehicles adjacent to or following the truck might have been impacted by the liquid. The driver received three citations. (Jamn1075)


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