A tiny tattoo on a woman's shoulder
She's funny and overtly sexy and loves to tease.

A tattoo on the small of the back
A woman who is secretly sexual. The sacrum is an overlooked but highly sensual spot where most women love to be touched. She's telling you to "press here."

Body Glitter
She's girlish, fun, curious, playful, and still believes in magic. She's looking for a prince charming to put some real twinkle on her finger. Check her ID, though; teens love this stuff.

Long, elaborately painted fingernails mean she's trying to create the illusion of class. She may be a supermarket cashier, a bank teller, or an assembly-line riveter trying to disguise the fact that she's a menial laborer. Think high-maintenance.

Tongue stud
This is the most in-your-face body art a woman can have. She's self-confident and values her tongue almost as much for sex as for talking. She says she has so much energy and is in such good health that she can cart around this cumbersome thing.

Belly Art
When a woman calls attention to her stomach with a navel ring, a belly chain, or a small tattoo, she signals that she's sexual, fertile, and possibly ready to reproduce. She's flaunting her ideal waist-to-hip ratio, an hourglass shape of a 27-inch waist and 38-inch hips. She wants to have kids.

Nose Piercing
A stud on the nose means this woman is worldly and a little exotic. Take her to dinner at an ethnic restaurant, then see a foreign film.

Ear Piercings
A woman with multiple ear piercings can't get enough of a good thing. She is a tough-to-satisfy gal and may have lots of credit card debt, a closet full of shoes, and more exes than a moonshine jug.


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