McDonald's is giving their Quarter Pounder with Cheese a spicy update. Starting July 10th, they'll be available (for a limited time) with pickled jalapeno slices.
The Seattle Ice Cream Shop Molly Moon's Ice Cream has banned tipping. She's raised ice cream prices to give employees a raise but has signs that say "No tipping." The owner says that people are getting tired of what she calls "tipflation"-the constant need to tip on everything.
Coca-Cola is working with Riot Games, creators of League of Legends, to develop and promote a new Coke product, Coke Ultimate Zero Sugar, aimed at gamers.
Heinz is now making collectible ketchup packets, 50 different designs, one for each state.
There is a pub in Scotland called The Old Forge in such a remote place; you have to drive a 22-mile winding road to get to the spot where you'll need to hike 15 miles to a little town of 100 people. But if you do, they'll give you a free beer. I know, I know, but it's free beer.
The great national egg crisis appears to be over. The average wholesale price of a dozen eggs is between $0.99 and $1.39, down from $3.27 a dozen in April. That's the lowest price for a carton since last September.


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