If you got cozy with a woodchuck in Dartmouth last weekend, get checked out

The Board of Health has issued a warning regarding a woodchuck that appeared at John George Ice Cream in Dartmouth at approximately 5 p.m. on Sunday. There is a possibility that the animal may have posed a health hazard. Those who had direct contact with the creature are advised to seek a rabies exposure risk assessment from a healthcare professional. Woodchucks have a high risk of rabies transmission, and even those that appear healthy might carry the disease in their saliva. People who were bitten, scratched, or had contact with the animal's saliva in an open wound, eyes, nose, or mouth may be at risk of contracting rabies. However, there is a treatment available that can prevent the disease if administered promptly. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health can also be contacted if needed, in addition to a healthcare provider.


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