Cracker Barrel Customers Secretly Place Photo of Themselves on Mantel

A pair of Cracker Barrel customers decided their local restaurant needed some sprucing. On Sunday, a TikTok user, @gash.79, who goes by Darcy, posted a video - which has amassed over 18 million views and over 3 million likes - that featured a harmless prank she carried out at a Cracker Barrel. In the now-viral clip, the user mischievously looks up at the ceiling with the caption "adding to the decor at Cracker Barrel" on the screen. She quickly checks her surroundings before pulling a black framed photo out from underneath the table. Darcy then casually approaches the mantel behind her and places the image atop it. Hence, the picture blends in with the surrounding decor, including old jugs, a clock, a washboard, and more Americana. The user then darts away from the mantel with a giant grin. Later in the video, she reveals a close-up of the hilarious photo of herself and seemingly her sister, who also joined in the silly antics. In the black frame was a black-and-white pic of the pair dressed for farm work holding a chicken and a pitchfork.


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