Born On This Day...

In 1239 Edward I, king of England (1272-1307)
In 1682 King Charles XII Of Sweden (1697-1718)
In 1703 Religious leader, John Wesley (Methodist Church)
In 1742 Attorney, William Hooper (signed the Declaration of Independence)
In 1751 Shipbuilder, Joshua Humphreys (Constitution)
In 1818 French composer, Charles Francois Gounod (Faust)
In 1832 English physicist, Sir William Crookes (discovered thallium)
In 1867 Irish inventor, John Robert Gregg (shorthand)
In 1870 Inventor, George Cormack (Wheaties cereal)
In 1871 Attorney, James Weldon Johnson (first black admitted to Florida Bar)
In 1882 Russian composer, Igor Stravinsky (The Rite Of Spring)
In 1888 German tank developer, Heinz Guderian (World War I, II)
In 1902 Singer/composer, Sammy Fain [d: 12-6-89]
In 1904 Actor, Ralph Bellamy (Ellery Queen, Trading Places) [d: 11-29-91]
In 1910 Country singer/guitarist, "Red" Foley [d: 9-19-68]
In 1914 Author/journalist, John Hersey (World War II writer) [d: 3-24-93]
In 1915 Country singer/comedian, Stringbean (Hee Haw) [d: 11-10-73]
In 1918 Actress/singer, Irene Manning (Yankee Doodle Dandy)[d: 5-28-04]
In 1920 French scientist/biologist, Francois Jacob [d: 4-19-13]
In 1922 Composer, Jerry Fielding (Bewitched, Hogans Heros) [d: 2-17-80]
In 1923 NFL Hall-of-Famer, Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch (Rams) [d: 1-28-04]
In 1925 Actor, Keith Larsen (Hunter, Brave Eagle) [d: 12-13-06]
In 1929 Chess champion, Tigran Petrosian of USSR (1963-69) [d: 8-13-84]
In 1930 U.S. runner, James Gathers (Olympic-Bronze-1952) [d: 6-1-02]
In 1932 Actor, Peter Lupus (Willie-Mission: Impossible) (92)
In 1940 Football Hall-of-Famer, Bobby Bell (Chiefs) (84)
In 1943 Swimmer, Steve Clark (Olympic-Gold-1964) (81)
In 1943 50th U.S. Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich (1995-99) (81)
In 1943 Singer, Barry Manilow (Mandy, I Write The Songs) (81)
In 1944 Comedian, Bill Rafferty (Laugh-In, Real People) [d: 8-11-12]
In 1945 Bicyclist, Eddy Merckx (5-time Tour de France winner) (79)
In 1947 Singer, Paul Young (Mike & the Mechanics) [d: 7-17-00]
In 1948 Baseball player, Dave Concepcion (Reds) (76)
In 1951 Actor/comedian, Joe Piscopo (SNL, Miller Lite commercials) (73)
In 1952 Drummer, Mike Buck (Fabulous Thunderbirds) (72)
In 1954 Actor, Mark Linn-Baker (Larry Appleton-Perfect Strangers) (70)
In 1957 Actor, Jon Gries (Men in Black, The Pretender) (67)
In 1958 Actor, Dan McVicar (Clarke-The Bold & the Beautiful) (66)
In 1963 Actor, Greg Kinnear (Sabrina, As Good As It Gets, Nurse Betty) (61)
In 1964 Actresses, Diane and Erin Murphy (Tabitha Stephens-Bewitched) (60)
In 1965 Actress, Kami Cotler (Elizabeth-The Waltons) (59)
In 1965 U.S. speed skater, Dan Jansen (Olympic-Gold-1994) (59)
In 1966 Actor, Jason Patric (Rush, Geronimo, Sleepers, Speed 2) (58)
In 1969 Singer, Kevin Thornton (Color Me Badd) (55)
In 1970 Basketball player, Popeye Jones (Wizards) (54)
In 1975 Actress, Jennifer Irwin (Linda-Still Standing) (49)
In 1977 Singer, Jason Minor (Mickey Mouse Club 90's) (47)
In 1980 Tennis player, Venus Williams (Wimbledon-2000) (44)
In 1982 Actor, Arthur Darvill (Dr. Who, Legends of Tomorrow) (42)
In 1985 Actress, Jessica Steindorff (Jessica Leider-Las Vegas) (39)
In 1987 Rap singer, Kendrick Lamar (37)
In 1994 Football player, Amari Cooper (Raiders, Cowboys, Browns) (30)
In 1997 Actor, KJ Apa (Archie-Riverdale) (27)
In 2000 Actress, Odessa Adlon (Nashville, Fam) (24)
In 2002 Actor, Jake Goodman (RED, Pacific Rim) (22)


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