Born On This Day...

In 1674 English poet, Nicholas Rowe (Jane Shore, Tamerlane)
In 1819 French composer, Jacques Offenbach (Tales of Hoffmann)
In 1894 Publisher, George T. Delacorte (Dell Publishing founder)
In 1894 Chemist, Lloyd A. Hall (pioneer in food chemistry)
In 1899 Jean Moulin, hero of the French Resistance during WWII
In 1903 Golfer, Glenna Collett Vare (19 tournament wins) [d: 2-2-89]
In 1905 Playwright, Lillian Hellman (Little Foxes) [d: 6-30-84]
In 1906 English novelist, Dame Catherine Cookson [d: 6-11-98]
In 1907 Songwriter, Jimmy Driftwood (The Battle of New Orleans) [d: 7-12-98]
In 1909 Actor, Errol Flynn (Robin Hood, Captain Blood) [d: 10-14-59]
In 1911 Actress, Gail Patrick (Brewster's Millions) [d: 7-6-80]
In 1915 Director, Terence Young (Dr. No, Thunderball) [d: 9-7-94]
In 1919 Actor, Bruce Gordon (Frank Nitti-The Untouchables) [d: 1-20-11]
In 1924 Guitarist, Chet Atkins (Me & My Guitar) [d: 6-30-01]
In 1924 War hero/actor, Audie Murphy (Destry, Joe Butterfly) [d: 5-28-71]
In 1925 Tennis Hall-of-Famer, Doris J. Hart (Wimbeldon, 1951) [d: 5-29-15]
In 1928 Jazz Saxophonist, Eric Allan Dolphy [d: 6-29-64]
In 1928 Actor, Martin Landau (Mission Impossible, Space 1999, Ed Wood) [d: 7-15-17]
In 1930 Actor, Ellis Rabb (Fabulous Baker Boys) [d: 1-11-98]
In 1931 Actress, Olympia Dukakis (Moonstruck, Steel Magnolias) [d: 5-1-21]
In 1931 Actor, James Tolkan (Back to the Future, Top Gun) (93)
In 1933 Actor, Danny Aiello (Moonstruck, Radio Days, Ruby, City Hall) [d: 12-12-19]
In 1933 Actress, Brett Halsey (Follow the Sun) (91)
In 1934 Actress, Rossana Podesta (Hercules, Ulysses) [d: 12-10-13]
In 1935 Football Hall-of-Famer, Len Dawson (Chiefs, Inside The NFL) [d: 8-24-22]
In 1936 Singer, Billy Guy (The Coasters) [d: 11-5-02]
In 1937 Singer/songwriter, Jerry Keller (Here Comes Summer) (87)
In 1940 Actor, John Mahoney (Fraiser, The American President) [d: 2-4-18]
In 1941 Director, Stephen Frears (Dangerous Liaisons) (83)
In 1942 Singer/songwriter, Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) (82)
In 1944 Actress, Cheryl Holdridge (Mickey Mouse Club) [d: 1-6-09]
In 1944 Actor, John McCook (Codename: Firefox, Eric-Bold & Beautiful) (80)
In 1945 Astronaut, James F. Buchli (STS-51C, 61A) (79)
In 1945 Singer, Anne Murray (Snow Bird, Danny's Song, You Need Me) (79)
In 1946 TV host, Bob Vila (This Old House, Home Again) (78)
In 1946 Concert pianist, Andre Watts (Oberon) [d: 7-12-23]
In 1947 Actress, Candy Clark (Man Who Fell To Earth, American Graffiti) (77)
In 1947 Actor, Paul Kreppel (Sonny Mann-It's a Living) [d: 1-30-23]
In 1948 Bassist, Alan Longmuir (Bay City Rollers) [d: 7-2-18]
In 1949 Singer, Lionel Richie (All Night Long, Endless Love) (75)
In 1952 Actor, John Goodman (Roseanne, The Babe, The Flintstones) (72)
In 1952 Actor, Larry Riley (Harry-Stir Crazy, Knots Landing) [d: 6-6-92]
In 1953 Astronaunt, Brian Duffy (STS-45) (71)
In 1954 Bassist/songwriter, Michael Anthony (Van Halen) (70)
In 1956 Actor, Michael Corbett (David Kimble-Young & Restless) (68)
In 1958 Guitarist, Kelly Johnson (Girlschool) [d: 1-15-07]
In 1960 Bassist, John Taylor (Duran Duran, Power Station) (64)
In 1961 German speed skater, Karin Enke (Olympic-Gold-1980, 84) (63)
In 1962 Keyboardist, Mark Degli Antoni (Soul Coughing) (62)
In 1962 U.S. runner, Kirk Baptiste (Olympic-Silver-1984) [d: 3-24-22]
In 1964 Actor, Michael Landon Jr. (Benj Cartwright-Bonanza: The Return) (60)
In 1967 Bassist, Murphy Karges (Sugar Ray) (57)
In 1967 Actress, Nicole Kidman (Batman Forever, Moulin Rouge, Bewitched) (57)
In 1969 Actor, Peter Paige (Queer As Folk) (55)
In 1971 Actor, Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama, Stealth, Yellowstone) (53)
In 1972 Chef, Alex Guarnaschelli (Iron Chef America, Chopped) (52)
In 1974 Playmate, Jami Ferrell (January-1997) (50)
In 1980 Actress, Tika Sumpter (One Life to Live, Ride Along) (44)
In 1981 Actress, Alisan Porter (Stella, Curly Sue) (43)
In 1985 Sports reporter, Amanda Balionis (CBS) (39)
In 1989 Actor, Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad, Neighbors) (35)
In 1989 Comedian, Allison Raskin (Just Between Us) (35)
In 1992 Rap singer, Sage The Gemini (The HBK Gang) (32)
In 1995 Actress, Serayah McNeill (Tiana Brown-Empire) (29)
In 1999 Actress, Kayla Maisonet (Stuck in the Middle) (25)
In 1999 Singer/actress, Mckenzie Small (Backstage) (25)
In 2001 Singer/dancer, Nia Sioux Frazier ("Star In Your Own Life") (23)


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