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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"After delay and amid pressure, Trump denounces racism and anti-Semitism"

It's headlines like this one that appeared in the Washington Post that widen the divide and feed the Extreme Liberal Cause. Extreme Liberals try to convince you that their premade viewpoints are open minded. They even go as far as quoting verses in the bible to justify their position on open borders etc. They tell you to hate Republicans and everyone who thinks differently than you. They are the first to throw around the word racist. Most extreme liberals abuse minorities. They look for a group typically blacks or hispanics, convince them they are nothing and need the liberals to survive, then exploit them for political power. Extreme Liberals believe that Freedom of Speech only applies to them and if you disagree violence will occur. In order to survive as a nation we need to keep an open mind and not believe everything in the media. In most cases it's not Fake News that's the problem it's twisted facts. All this political turmoil is bad for our country and helps no one. So stop the madness and grow the hell up! The election is over! For those of you who threaten to move to Canada good luck! Hope you haven't been convicted of drinking and driving or drug use, felony assault, etc. because their border patrol will deny you entry. But you being the Intellectual that you profess to be you probably already knew that!

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