On this date in 1822, Boston officially incorporated as a city. Up until then, it had been a driving school. Of course, 185 years of no driving instruction has really taken its toll. Ever driven in Boston?

    In 1836, the siege of "The Alamo" began in San Antonio, Texas.
  • I'll stop there in case you don't know how it ended.
  • If you didn't hear how it ended, would you care to make a small wager?
  • That's when Davy Crockett said to Jim Bowie, "Shoot. Why did they have to remember it?"

On this date in 1861, Abraham Lincoln arrived secretly in Washington to become president.
  • So Trump wasn't the first.
  • What he most excited about? The free theater tickets.
  • He took over on the same day that Texas left the union. Talk about your rough first day on the job.
In 1887, America banned the import of opium from China, saying, "That ought to solve the problem." There was a time when you could buy an opium-based product designed to help your crying baby go to sleep. Absolutely true.

The Tootsie Roll was introduced on this date in 1896 -- Tootsie was the 6-year-old daughter of Austrian immigrant Leo Hirschfield who invented the chewy candy. 17 million of the chewy treats are rolled out every day.

On this date in 1917, the Russian revolution began after a very short pre-season. Bombers and anarchists had only reported to training camp three weeks earlier.

In 1927, President Coolidge signed a bill that created the Federal Communications Commission. In case they're listening: "Yay!"

That famous photo of Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima was snapped back in 1945.


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