• 62% of teenagers have NEVER purchased this...What is it? (Stamps!)
  • What was the original stage name of rock musician Meat Loaf, according to the animated TV sitcom South Park? (Couscous)
  • What percentage of the human brain comprises fat? (About 60%)
  • Which Hollywood hunk has a life-size wax likeness with a strokable chest and pinchable bottom on display at Madame Tussauds museum in London? (Brad Pitt)
  • Which U.S. president left a will that was only one sentence long? (Calvin Coolidge)
  • Who was the favorite classical composer of Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip? (Brahms, But Schulz didn't make him the favorite of toy-piano-playing Schroeder in the comic strip because he thought the name Beethoven sounded and looked funnier.)
  • Which World War II enemies never signed a formal peace treaty ending the conflict between their two nations? (Japan and Russia, because of a dispute over the Kuril Islands)
  • What is the name for a part of a medieval castle that is also something you might need in order for a lawyer to get you out of trouble? (Loophole)
  • The City of Light did see me rise, to great heights I do soar, by strength of iron my feet never leaving the earthen floor. What am I? (The Eiffel Tower)
  • What is the name of an enormous jellyfish, a cream soda, a 1962 Disney movie, an NFL mascot, and a Wrigley's gum flavor? (Big Red)
  • What is the name of the popular infomercial product billed as "the blanket with sleeves"? (Snuggie)
  • According to the latest U.S. census, what is the most common surname? (Smith)
  • What's the largest creature on Earth without a backbone? (giant squid)
  • What is the most recognized smell among American adults? (coffee)
  • One of the letters in our alphabet is also the oldest letter in any known alphabet. What letter is it? ("O")
  • They're everywhere now, but Hawaii didn't get their first until 1850. What vehicle first arrived in Hawaii in 1850? (fire truck)
  • What is a gruntle? Hint: It's associated with truffles. (a pigs snout)
  • What are you pulling when you pull the furcula? Hint: It often happens during a popular American holiday. (a turkey's wishbone)
  • What do you call the offspring of a sheep and a goat? (a geep)
  • Hummingbirds are well-known for their ability to fly in place. But, they can't do something other birds can, what is that? (walk)
  • What is the northernmost lake of the Great Lakes? (Lake Superior)
  • What was the last name of the German physicist who created the first mercury thermometer? (Fahrenheit)
  • What was the political party of George Washington? (Federalist)


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